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• 5/1/2016

Wikia Updates - Septimo:Character and ranking lists.

A small meeting on the IMVU client was held where some attended. I was unable to save this conversation due to crashing. However, what was brought up was the following.

First off, Can we please be considerate involving wikia work, if you have a spare 10 minutes and you see a page you can add too, or spellcheck etc, please do so, even if its one or two lines. This work does add up! And is very appreciated!

Secondly, I aim to make a Septimo contract where all who become crew can 'sign' This is a idea I will be working on as off the 2nd of May. I will keep you all updated upon this progress.

Quests and Storyline was also brought into convosation to read more, please follow here >

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• 5/3/2016

I'll add a small comment from my wiki point of view,

Contributing to the wiki: where to start?

  • If any is fine, Special:Random gives you a random page (you can press it infinite times)
  • Category:By creator should have articles categorised by author, so there you can find your own pages bundled together
  • You can use Special:ShortPages to find which articles are the shortest, to write more on them
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