15/06/2016 - Septiling meeting


IvoryAequitas - RebellionAequitas - DrunkenAequitas - EclipticAequitas - BankieAequitas - SahbaAntar - UnforgottenGuardians - Taivas

I apologise because my Auto-Correct is not working! Everyone present started with introducing themself. It was then mentioned how many goof around, but do not get to know eachother. In regards to this it was said how Murdrac has kindly made a OOC room for Morpheus. Facebook, skype and wikia chats were said to be premoted to stop OOC. Mods are requested to enforse this and should it not be followed and acknolaged after one first warning, a "final warning or I will boot for OOC distraction" As worded, then finally a boot. A mod did mention sometimes it is other mod that do not listen. And it was said how Ivory is availible on facebook. And how if needed she can inforse warnings and strip mod at anytime as multiple individuals have her log in to do so.


Accounts with mod: IvoryAequitas, RebellionAequitas, DrunkenAequitas, EclipticAequitas, SapphireAequitas, SahbaAntar, TheLostAequitas, AlphaAequitas. (And all known alts for the above names) These were mentioned and reasons behind the modship. It was also mentioned about 3 others being offered mod, however it was agreed that modship numbers should be kept low. The new players guide was made known (http://morpheus.wikia.com/wiki/New_Players_Guide) and was requested to be saved or bookmarked.

OOC Rudeness

People being twats was requested as a topic of convosation. It was said how If you feel at anytime someones being a twat. First TALK to them. Whisper or PC them. They might have offline reasons for acting like a twit, or there may be some personality missundertandings. There is no reason to approach them in a room were many can comment as it does appear as attacking. It is easy to judge when someones being rude because they simply want too. And that is is also promoted that if anyone feels wrongly booted, it can be brought to by a mod or room owner. If someone is rude to the point of boot, please copy the convosation. Pastebin was suggested by SahbaAntar as a good way to do so.

14/06/16 - inccedent.

Audreys OC Amaya was a Demon hound before the rule change. When new rules were implemented she was asked to make her own race so she could keep her OCs how they were, but allow them to fit in with some common demonic qualitys stripped. This convosation would of happened about 18months to two years ago. She soon went offline due to education and what was discussed was never implemented due to forgetfullness, time and change. It was mentioned how the mods handled this situation well, and it should off been ended after a mutural agreement. It was requested for mods to handle a situation one at a time. If something is happening that a mod is handling, do not step in unless requested as the person can feel attacked and corners.If a situation does require more than one mod, or a extensive talk, it should be taken to PC and if refused the person refusing should be booted if RP is affected due to them. And once a situation is handled, discussed and reflected on, do not resurect the situation after the final 'okays'. 

Anju's Absence. 

Since I have returned to fulltime work. I have not had anytime for Septimo. My offline scheduals are FUCKED. I haven't been able to see Abel or access the laptop because im just working and sleeping also due to me doing alot of overtime to save for a norwegians holiday :D. However. Starting monday, my shifts are being changed. I will be doing night shifts meaning i will have a more american body clock to meet with those from USA, but also be able to be availible for the european group too. My new shifts will not be as active, and I will be payed same amounts, for less work. Meaning a less tired Anju.