Meeting dated 23-01-2017







Ivory said hello and everyone has a slight catch up with them being away for so long. After a few moments, everyone had the chance to state their current situations. Moderators involved said they were happy to get back starting within the Morpheus rooms.

Party and events were discussed, they discussed rooms and themes, agreeing on holding a memorial ceremony for Sverre, DrunkenAequitas’s character, following his death on 23/01/2017. This memorial to be held on Tuesday 24/01/2017. A party will be organised for the weekend of the 27th, the party spreading though the days until the first. Here, it was agreed for a one year time skip.

Following on mentioning the time skip, the people present agreed a one year difference would be good, to give the current character’s strong roles and development. Also, making it so those left – Abel, Fumaii, Vincent, Sverre and others could go past the grievance stage. Ceri mentioned the want to take of Laura for a short while – though is still debating, and Tim mentioned the want to have less characters onboard. Ivory said that those, especially those in high positions, need a full wikia page. It was asked for this to be completed before the time skip.

For those characters left, it will need to be brought to Ivory so she can set them all – From captain’s point-of-view – into a position on the ship. It was said about a member who was currently ranking high having a baby offline, there for the role of the mate position will be edited as followed.

Captain – Matthew (Ivory)

Co-Captain – Alex (Lost)

First mate – Xavier (Rebellion)

Secondmate – Sapphire (Sapphire)

Thirdmate – Currently open.

This is still up for discussion and will be revised when the characters who are around. The new pages on the wikia for this will be linked in another forum post and posted across all groups.

Ivory reminded people that there are other rooms open, Hiffiam being one of the main to take old characters, should they wish to move a character off ship. Though this was not discussed, Ivory is thinking of making a head room for each region, the creator of the region will then manage that room. There will be a list, and page, for the roleplay rooms open in Morpheus.

Ivory said she will work hard on the wikia pages until time skip, mentioning she could do with some help across the current team. A later forum will be posted to confirm the stage by stage development of the wikia. Ivory finally mentioned she wanted to make more use of the Facebook group, and will look at doing this to use this as a main form of contact between roleplayers. 

If I have missed anything, please feel free to add to the comments below.