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Wikia updates - Character!

All characters have been set to Archived! This means they are - for now - stored. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE ARCHIVED!

Follow these instructions

  • 3) Create a new character in the box! Use your old characters name of course. IT IS IMPORTANT YOU FOLLOW THE FOOT NOTES IN THE NEW PROFILE LAYOUT! The profile looks big, but its not, and you can delete some sections you don't want/need to do. ~ Personality (Brief paragraph), Physique, Combat (if fighter), Magic (If magic user), Skills (Only if your character excels in a certain skillet - not compulsory if they only know how to fish or knit) , Brief role play setting paragraph, Brief background paragraph and a brief story line paragraph (If a old character) 
  • 5) When you have done this, Let me know.

* IMPORTANT! Please keep the layout, you can add heading and subheading in relevant areas, (For example if you have a second form, or you want to expand on a weapon or skill they have (For example, I will add a whole section on Jacob's engineer and science skills) Please do not delete any headings unless stated! 


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