10-04-2017 In Character (IC) meeting.

EbonyAequitas: Matthew called the weekly meeting up top deck, this being rare for a venue. It was bitter and cold, though not too terrible. A bonfire was lit for warmth, stacked high with debris to light the area. "So, How have you all been since the last meeting." He spoke to everyone. Ofcourse, only crew was invited, what was many. Though being so open up top, even those that were not crew could listen in. "Sorry for holding this in the open, But, I wanted to welcome Thaclal, and they struggle to make there way though tiny spaces."

Amaritude: Thomasin stood over by the railings, her arms crossed, but she walked forward when Matthew started to speak. She noticed that Thaclal had taken off her arm leathers, perhaps Matthew had told her it was no longer necessary? Oh well. Thomasin waved her hand in their direction. She did not have any problems to arise, so for now she would just listen.

RebellionAequitas: Xavier was present, stood with his back to the railings as he listened to the words of the captain, enjoying the cool air against his skin as he spoke. His eyes shifting to Thaclal, someone he hadn't seen before. A new name to remember and face to get used to, it seemed the crew was every growing which was always a good thing.

PhyrexianAequitas: Thaclel just stayed quiet for now and listened.  She nibbled at one of her claws.  Yiv was there though Sott was not.  Finally she was back to her nomral self... and not wearing her rags.  She sat there naked, new metal plating showing and blood covering her front and her arms up to the elbows.

Acro: The blue thing had only just returned from a small adventure gathering who only knows what. She plopped onto the deck and rolled across before she heard Matthews voice. The blue thing bounced onto her feet and scurried to stand just between him and Thoma, unsure of who to go to first. Of course, Momma Thoma would win, she would near always win. She even managed a small wave to Jacob, look eing all nice. Little blue had barely noticed the trail of water left behind, looking to Thaclal but didn't wave, she seemed occupied with listening and such. Which is what she needed to do as well, turning her attention to the meeting then, good blue thing is good.

NeckedAequitas: Fidget came walking up from below "hate the stupid meetings people always show up to them" how dare some one show up to a meeting!  she come to a stop when she saw  alot of the crew standing about  and whimpered  slowly  as did her best to ease around the group and hide behind Jacob peeping over his shoulder he was her favoret meatsheild.{Rava} Rava had fallowed Diana setting on the ground beside her mother doing her best to pretend she was intrested in what was being said.{dragoness} she had not been invited to the meeting though nor was she invited on the ship ether  but she could not resist the urg to know what so many gathered for so she keept her head down stood at the back of the corwd near the metal creatures  so her own wings looked less supsius

Unleix: Imra is sprawled out causally on the benches of the upper deck, forearm over her eyes as she listened to the Captain’s call for the crew members. She straightened as he spoke, adjusting her scarf over the appropriate areas of her neck to hide the oddities of her skin for the moment. Seeing the others gather around the fire, she stood closer, but not close enough to grow too warm. Once again Imra was overly dressed in scarves, shawls, and gloves to hide the spidery markings on her body. She was curious to listen on what he had to say. It had been a while since she saw him last, after looking for him for some time. The Captain was busy evidently. Imra waits, crossing her arms as she usually did.

EbonyAequitas: [Jacob] The male, otherwise disassociated without care for the meeting, looked to Mirella and waved in return. though mentally he was thinking 'the fuck does the little blue retard want.' looking back to fidget and giving her head pets. [Matthew]]  He didnt know dragoness existed :D it was another murdrac as far as he knew. "We have Thaclal who will work as a guard and long with Tenma. Thaclal is to be treated with dignaty up here, the ship writes are to provideher with a temporary shelter for her stay." He spoke, looking around the crowd. "Imra is our newest Bard. Mirella our tracker. We also have a couple of passagers paying there way, put please, if you need to remind them this is a safe house, not a cruise, i dont wish to see them abusing you." He spoke about the crew, then continueing on. "As you can see, We are docked in Medela. The people here are healers in majority and kind. You are welcome to venture out, but entering the medela walls may not be incouraged, if you do not appear safe you will be discriminated upon and turned away, do not fight the guards. "

Murdrac: and there goes Sweetpea, off like a bullet

Amaritude: Thomasin gave a grin down at her little blue, before she turned her attention back to the meeting. So they were allowed to dock? She looked humanoid enough, apart from her ears, but elves were usually just as accepted. She would probably have to speak to Hera though, and send her spirits away.

PhyrexianAequitas: Thaclel glanced over them.  A few familliar faces, a few unfamilliar.  But they all looked quite average and normal.  The only thing that distracted her from the dragoness that stood out like a sore thumb among the phyrexians was a pink streak.  Dafuq.  Yiv swayed a bit, bored and wanting to get back to her work.

Acro: Oh look at that, a wave back. Neat. Mirella had almost forgotten she waved at him to begin with, distracted by the meeting. Hearing her name, she shyly tucked away behind Thoma 'Mom why didn't you tell me they didn't know?' Her nose wrinkled a moment before she finally stepped back into place to continue listening. She nodded here and there as Matthew spoke, glad to see him in one piece. Her eyelids flutter a moment when the pink blur rushed off into the city. 'Well that didn't take long.' Mirella looked back up at Thoma, a hopeful spark in her eye. 'Box?!' The thought was written all over her half hidden face.

Unleix: It was embarrassing when said out loud. Imra was a ...singer? While everyone else had useful jobs she was just singing a tune for the drunk patrons. Her eyes downcasted as she pondered on; hoping she’d get better. With time. She wouldn’t be useless... eventually. Upon hearing the words of healers where they were docked, her eyes were quick to light up. Neck craning, and trying to spot the exit of the ship. Though she’d wait for the Captain to finish speaking. Would it be here? Where she would find some solace? Some healing? At least something temporary. She saw the pink little creature rush off towards the way she was looking, wanting so badly to follow suit, but she stayed put.

RebellionAequitas: Xavier simply stood back and listened to him, taking in all the new names and such. :D

Amaritude: “Heh… Sorry, da’len, most of the crew know you now, it was just the case of making a formal announcement.” She grinned before she laughed at the look on her face. “Yes, yes. I’ll get the plans for the box, we’ll take it to the blacksmith. I just need to talk to some people about me not getting thrown out of the city as soon as I step foot in and it will be fine.” She too had noticed Sweets run off, perhaps she would be in a better mood now? Oh well. She noticed Imra looking downcast and gave her an encouraging smile.

NeckedAequitas: Rava heard his words and sighed looking at her fingers"stuck on board agin" she mummbled and started to stand up turning to leave {Fidget} out there with even MORE people? was he insane? {dragoness} she was suprissed  afew glanceing eyes but they all didnt turn and jump on her witch was what she was prepared for  then his words reached her ears of threating looks and she sighed she was not part of the crew but still  she did not wish to cause a ruckus so at the very least she would save her collecting till night fall

EbonyAequitas: "We will dock here for a while. For those that cant access Medela, the ship is availible, for those who can, you can help us stock and trade. The Mayor of Medela, Hera, Wishes to appoint us to do some work for her. A adventure of somekind into the forest to aid her with harvest. She will be willing to stock our ship free. I don't know why... But our stores are depleating much faster then normal. Do if i see anyone living in gluttony, I will issue warning. any.... 'special' dietry needs can be brought to myself."...... He paused in thought, concluding the last thought of his words. "The man brought up last week, He killed two men and injured another. A memorial was held as some of you attended. They were good men. We will all continue to work together. You all are a blessing to this ship, I am seeing less discrimination towards those inhuman and Iam proud to call you all crew."

Acro: Mirella nodded a few times when she heard Thoma before turning her attention back to the meeting. She tilted her head slightly at mention of an adventure. 'Wonder where.' She blinked. The blue thing continued to listen, sinking back when she heard she heard the bit about last weeks little mishap. There was a quiet sigh from Mirella to respond, her nose wrinkling. She was happy when the subject changed, shuffling about slightly. Perhaps she was feeling restless? She stretched softly and rubbed at her eyes a bit, wondering when she and Thoma could go off shopping and whatever else they might be able to get into.  Yay exploration.

EbonyAequitas: "Any other questions or issues anyone wishes to bring to my attention?"

RebellionAequitas: Xavier had no real issues or questions, really he was a simple man. Instead he looked to the others in the group to see what they had to say, folding his arms behind his head as he shifted about slightly.

Unleix: “Offering to stock the ship for free?” Imra spoke,, the small glow of the fire made the crescent on her forehead glow as she walked a bit closer. “Sounds like there’s a catch.” the half-elf perked her head to the side with a raise of her brow. Not one to believe such kindness up-front.

RebellionAequitas: [Venus N Gwaine] Present but quiet also >.>

Amaritude: Thomasin had to agree with that. There usually was a catch. ((tinney tiny post.))

EbonyAequitas: Jacob "Yeah, if bitch wants us to venture out into her forest, that place is full of poisonus plants and rapid creatures. Theres a reason she wants us to do shit in return." [[Matthew] No comment. He just nodded and remained profeffional like a goodboy :D "Last chance to speak up. I also need to know of anyone that has been interigated and needs placement. I know of Tahoma, and I may see if Kneh would like to stay and help Axel in the Libary."

Acro: Mirella was surprised to find herself agreeing with Jacob for once, nodding along quietly. Just as the others, she had no questions or concers at the current time.

NeckedAequitas: {Rava raised her hand" can i go into the foreast with you" she knew they probly wouldnt let her run about in town  even more so with out cloths  but the forest could be fun

Unleix: There must have been a lot of resources for them to offer. “Of course the forest is fucking poisonous.” Imra mumbles under her breath with a roll of her eyes. “All gracious-healing-Hera is sending everyone to harvest for her, and little do we know we got nipped by a poisonous plant and we die three days later.” Imra left it at that, chuckling lowly in a sarcastic manner. She waited idly until the meeting was wrapped up.

EbonyAequitas: -Hera is probably watching the meeting from the back of the croud, 

Unleix: The hand on the shoulder is noted. Imra nearly flinches, as she did not know how Thomasin filled the distance between them so quickly. Must be her shadowy minions. Imra immediately shuts up, with a small pout.

EbonyAequitas: Matthew closes the meeting :D "My door is always open, Ill be in there and the libary more, i will be less active around uless it is to greet new people, so if you need me, come to me from now on." He spoke, nodding his head in thanks to the croud.