03-06-2017 In Character (IC) Meeting notes.

Copy and paste of the roleplay meeting.

IvoryAequitas: Matthew would call the meeting. He normally done so with only high rank crew, but this time, his room was open to all. He leaned into his armchair, looking out across the area of the hoarders paradise. Paper, bottles and books were clearly his obsession. Leerin, Diana and Topaz were there also. Maybel and Alek were not. This was the first lot of crew. He would talk to all 100 crew members, and all of them would have the same infomation said to them.

RebellionAequitas: Xavier and Venus were also present, Xavier always did his best to be there as a representitive for the engines. Venus just liked to be kept well informed.

KaliAequitas: Thomasin wandered in and took a place where she would not draw too much attention. She was curious about what this could be all about, and did not envy Matthew having to do this talk every five minutes. She eventually took a place by Olive, who was trying not to exist surrounded by this many people.

Cymedr: Micah was present at the meeting, tucked inton a corner and doing his best not to fall asleep. He could really use a nap.

DrunkenAequitas: Planke and Peter are there as well, with Planke drinking rum while sitting leaning on a wall while drinking Rum, Peter on her shoulder.

Guest_JackCross: evan tho new he thought tobe in1ormed.so kal would walk into the room sat down ans waited thre-

Vesperism: Wes was on time to the crew meeting for the first time in forever and decided to stand next to one of the bookshelves. He didn't think it would take too long.

DarkAngelX4: Creah was let out of her cell long enough to hide in the corner and listen in

Murdrac: Xyn exsisted, leanin on the wall just inside the doorway, arms crossed.

IvoryAequitas: "Right, Were docking in regazya hopefully on Monday unless there are complications... and I needed to call this urgent meeting. Our medical stores are low, we have no livestock... and about a bag of grain and oat left... and there is no fish in these waters. So for good of the crew, Xavier has agreed to turn into a mighty whale and allow us to feest of whale steaks until dock~" The man looked over to Xavier with a grin. "Ofcouse im joking and you all who need nurients are i for a terrible few days. Humans and other race that need substanace, I dont want you working at all, you get days off and focus on fluid intake. Us that can manage with out large amounts of food, we will run the ship."

DrunkenAequitas: Planke raises a brow at that and saysDoes that mean me hafta work other parts o'the ship than the Bar, cap'n'? Planke asks as she drinks from her rum-bottle. and Peter the parrot says Craa. no Grains. craa. no grains craa. Planke working the ship. craa. Planke working the ship craa

Vesperism: Wes's eyebrows rose slightly. This would be quite a blow until they reached Regazya. In this instance, he was glad to be a vampire, and glad Blanche had left so he was forced to bring bags of blood aboard with him. Just a small stroke of luck.

KaliAequitas: Thomasin and Olive nodded. They were human and Elven, so they would have to take a back seat. Thomasin would probably be fine a little longer than the small ginger, but she would still suffer. That was just the way it was she supposed.

RebellionAequitas: Xavier blinked a few times at first, as if he expected that to be a true statement. Giving a small chuckle as it was quickly dismissed, threading a hand through his hair. "Believe me if there was more I could do to help I would." He reassured, even if he did swim out to get more food it'd take him just as long to return with the food as it would for the ship to reach land. Venus' head perked up at the mention of a break, that meant some precious days of rest. Even if it did mean having the rumblies for a few days.

Cymedr: Micah raised a brow, curious. He could go fairly long without eating food, though he wasn't sure if anyone was going to want him pushing himself too hard with his injury. He felt perfectly fine, though. And was completely willing to help out more. "I'd love to be able to do more, anyway. I do believe it's about time I stopped resting."

DarkAngelX4: Creah pulled off her boot. "i have some rations i can share and i ben working on a renewable sorce at home maybe if you allow me to stay i can maybe help" She Dumpped the content over her boot reavealing a stump and lack of foot half wa down her caff

IvoryAequitas: "I want all those who do not need as much substance to come to me after the meetings, You will be requested to clean and do labor when needed, work as able guards and able medics. And, for the stuggles, all those who work over will be payed a heafty paycheck in thanks." He said, looking over to Creah. "i dont beleive we hace met. Its a pleasure. Any rashions that can be given over for some nutriants to those needed, would be appreciated...."

Guest_JackCross: -hsving trained his body to take n low amounts o ood or long periods o time he had no problem not eating until monday and so he continued to listen-

RebellionAequitas: Xavier knew he'd still be able to pull his weight without food, so he'd happily stay behind. Venus being human meant she had no real choice but to sit back and do as she was told.

KaliAequitas: "Understood." Thomasin said, looking a bit downcast that she would not be able to do much. She was still recovering from her shoulder injury, and Olive was already rather frail as it was. She would still be able to talk to people if needed. Thomasin would just have to resign herself to a workless few days.

Vesperism: Wes looked in surprise at Creah's stump foot. "Er... that works." Yum, food stored beneath a stump? He was dreading doing labor. It was so tedious. But the paycheck, of course, would make it worth it.

IvoryAequitas: "People like Thomasin and Planke, who need to eat, you can laze around as look out duty, or offer care, however that is only if you feel the need to, it is not expected and you will not be paid. I do NOT want anyone doing interogations. All new comers are to me handed over to Me. They will be interogated in my room. This is only in place until Monday. All understood?"

DrunkenAequitas: Planke nods and saysaye aye as she drinks more rum.

Cymedr: It all seemed reasonable enough to him. Micah really would have done it without the mentioning of payment, but he supposed he could use some extra coin. "Seems fair to me."

KaliAequitas: "Yes sure." She said easily enough.

RebellionAequitas: "Aye aye boss." Xavier said listening closely, only giving feedback when he felt it necessary really. Venus also nodding in agreement, once stocks were back up everything could return to normal.

IvoryAequitas: When were on the matter, After we dock there will be a new ranking system in place. No more mateship, its not needed. I will be evaluating alot of roles when we are docked. I will be re ranking alot of people up... "His gaze shifted over to Micah, Ves and Olive... "Or dow."... He said moving to look at Thomasin, Venus and ending at Xavier. The others in the room getting a similer gaze. "If you are not ranked I will approach you also, Or you can approach me."

RebellionAequitas: Xavier and Venus both shifted a little uncomfortably. Xavier especially so, but he tried to sweat it off and act casual.

KaliAequitas: Thomasin and Olive stood, nodding.

DarkAngelX4: Creah nodded feeling determind to be part of the new team

IvoryAequitas: Any questions... Any worrys? Anything to Add?" He asked, brow cock. "I will find something for us as a crew on Regazya aswell... What kind of captain would I be if i didnt risk your lives to improve our treasury~"

RebellionAequitas: Xavier shook his head, He just wanted to go be a hermit in his parents house so he had no concerns. As far as Venus was aware she'd been doing her jobs and keeping ontop of her work she she had no complaints either.

Vesperism: Wes chuckled. That's what he liked to hear Matthew say. "Aye aye," he repeated after everyone.

DrunkenAequitas: Planke looks around then drinks more rum, aye seem this is all good

Cymedr: "Sounds fine to me." Micah didn't care all too much. Even if he did have any objections, he probably wouldn't have voiced it.

DarkAngelX4: "i'll just be happy to help" Creah said just feeling excited to maybe belong somewhere over her year of running and hidding.