Aleksander Khaliqe is a character from Septimo

Aleksander Jenkinson, Better known as Khaliqe Alek, is a male that has served most his life in war. Skilled in mechanics and advanced technology - the common trait shared amongst his race - he has used this knowledge as a was to fight and survive for the caoul. Not only on his home planet, but now on Morpheus.


First coming off as emotionless and cold, it takes a short time for the man to open up to another. As soon as he's examined the person he has acquainted, he is friendly and confident. It doesn't take must to earn his respect, but it is a mission in itself to earn his trust. He works on a 'give what you get' basis. And will treat others kindly unless given a reason otherwise. He doesn't tend to get attached to a person or place, and often distances himself from any time of emotion. This being said, Alek is more emotionally advanced then the others of his race, yet he still holds a sociopathic nature to some extent, especially when war is involved.


Alek doesn't live in any particular belief. He refuses to believe there is life after death, there for prolongs his own being as long as possible while maintaining a human appearance.


  • Sweets - Alek has a sweet-tooth, a trait many of his kind hold. He will not eat anything with bland flavouring but knowing he needs food as substance he coats his meals in sugar grains and tucks in.
  • Training/Fighting - Fighting plays a big part in Aleks being. It makes his life and gives him a reason to feel mentally useful to the people of Morpheus. He sees himself as a vigilante, and often works in hope of helping others.

Pain threshold

He lacks most feeling in his right side, including any torture or pain caused upon it. His left side is more tender and responsive to touch, but he still takes pain like a champ despite this.



Aleksander is a pale muscular male with a seemingly flawless body with the exception of some curse-like tattoos upon his torso. The ink on his body work as a magical seal, forcing his body to master electricity manipulation. If he uses this, his skin and veins seem to crack under the first layer of flesh, causing a glow though his being.


Alek tends to dress in casual wear of black and navy. He chooses to look presentable and approachable in his attire, yet does not attempt to appear formal. He often has a lot of belts and pouches located upon his clothing to aid with attaching weapons and other useful items for any kind of battlefield.


He has a low masculine voice. No noticeable accent. He speaks multiple languages and often speaks in slang, though he has high intelligence he struggles understanding large vocabulary. His voice keeping short and sharp in tone.


  • Close Combat & Stealth - Skilled in stealth combat, Alek knows how to work on his toes and sneak around enemy field. This is most useful with a assassin approach to combat, working good with knives and bare hands in a sudden attack.
  • Gauntlet - The large mechanic gauntlet on the mans right hand is his most important weapon. With this he can strike a powerful blow with his bare fist. Weighing a ton, it would be hard for a normal human to try to even move the glove. The gauntlet is near invincible, made from a strong metal that is fused with the chemical Enzinc. Enzinc makes the glove unaffected by magic, serving as a shield as well as a weapon.
  • Long Range - Skilled also with guns, throwing knifes and darts his long distant range is almost accurate almost every time.
  • Electromancy - For Alex, this is a kind of magic that was forced and sealed into his body with the use of spells and runes. He can control the power of electricity as a attack and as a defensive. This serving some use as a day-to-day skill also. The length of his Electro-powers is great, but there is a limit, like all good abilities.

PLEASE NOTE: Although these are Aleks mastered skills, there is others he has not mastered or can not manage at all, example: Alek is shit with swords and not so skilled with large guns.

Other Skills

Hitheriam's are genuinely intelligent beings. Alek has a incredibly high IQ, and in many areas a lot more knowledgeable than his brother. He certainly portrays this in fields he is knowledgeable within. This being combat, weaponry, mechanics, science and technology. This being said he does not understand the whole circle of engineering. He also has brief medical knowledge from being on the front line of war-zones.

Aleksander can speak all of the common languages of Morpheus, including regional and some from dwarfs, elf's and fae communities. Alek cannot read or write any language.

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