Speciesname is a mortal/immortal species on the Earth. Common across Morpheus, Fae - (Also known as Fay or in some cases Fairies) are winged humanoids generally associated with elemental magic. While some Fae can be well versed in magic of many kinds, others can be as simple as a humanoid with wings and other insect-esque features.


Visibly the vast majority of Fae will have wings and are usually considerably smaller than the average human although this can vary dependent on the sub species and such. They typically have pointed ears and are perceived to be physically pretty and pleasing.

Life cycle

Description of the life of an individual of this species, with notable events: e.g. if there is usually a childhood or coming of age ceremony, marriage customs, retirement or old age feasts, burials, ...

Notable Classes

What classes are commonly found amongst this race?List of classes



Remove this section if not applicable. If applicable:

  • is the entire species magic user or only parts?
  • what types of magic are there?
  • how does the magic work? (recharging, what's the power source, ...)

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