Gotland Orcs are a subspecie of the orcs. They are a disciplined, militaristic people taught from a young age the powers of strenght, discipline and loyalty.


Gotland orcs are big and bulky. Even their women are big and bulky with strong facial features, rough skin and big muscles. They all got predator-eyes, fangs and claw-like nails ready to tear your skin apart.

Life cycle

Gotland Orcs grows at roughly the same speed as humans and lives in tight-knit communities, emphasising their brute strength and disciplining them from a young age to become warriors. Soldiers of the elite Carolean battalions of the Arnhem Army.Gotland orcs have coming of age ceremonies. Where they have to hunt down and kill their weakest sibling. I. This is called the Blodsprov(blood prooving) where they prove they are willing to take a life for their King and their Country.If the weakest sibling kills the stronger sibling. The weaker sibling are sent to the city of Gröna by where they are enrolled in the pre-officer class for their proves of brains over muscle.</p>Gotland orcs go trough a second ceremony at age 16 called the Dödningeprovet(the proof of deadlyness) where they have to kill another orc with their bare hands. Again to prove loyalty to king and country. But also to prove their deadliness.</p>Gotland Orcs are also extremely religious. Believing that any weakness is a sin and should be punished or killed.</p>Gotland Orcs with birth defects are put out in the woods to be eaten by wild beasts. Occasionally they are found by travelers or forest-people and taken in by them.</p>


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As the Gotland Orcs are a warrior people. their magic are sentered around defending, attacking and healing. Specialized attack mages, defense mages and healers exists.

The Gotland Orcs shown to be good with magic are taken away and put to fight each other to show their strenght. As there are few Gotland orcs with magic, they are not made to kill each other, but rather hurt each other to the point of one giving up or deemed too dammaged to continue fighting.

Then they are given roles based on what they did and what their interest are.

  • Healers are in high demand.
  • Healers, fighters, defenders.
  • Magic works trough their own raw power. Gotland Magic are quite raw in it's energy, yet it gets refined trough training. But they nonetheless draw from raw, pure mana found in the body or in nature.

Mana potions are basic equipment for every mage.