Hitheriam is a mortal from the planet Turanium that have come to Morpheus to hibernate and seek shelter. They are said to look like humans, however the woman of this race are laced head-to-toe with feathers.


This race have humanoid structures to them, having the same pinkish flesh to them. The main factors that are different to Human is that is race are born vibrant eyes, normally bright Green or Blue, holding a cybernetic shine to them.

  • Female - The females are born covered head to toe in feathers. They have wings that grow from the flesh of there arms and a trail of feathers down there spine and back of there legs. They also have feathers that merge with theyre head of hair. The woman of this race 'Peacock' for the male attention, therefore they are born with bright feathers, normally resembling the colors of theyre eyes.
  • Male - The males of this race are more like human males than the female. The only feathers located on a male person is down the spine, around the ankles and wrists and occasionally behind the ears. Like the females, there feathers are normally in response to the shade of their eyes.

Life cycle

Life on Turanium

Upon the planet Turanium, the live of each Hitheriam would be extreme. The planet was very male dominant, built up with factories and science facilities that stretched into the clouds. Female children would be tested for IQ at birth, taken away from the mother. Wires would be linked into the brains of feathered-folk, with with the device used would be able to tell the average intelligence of the individual for later years. If they have a IQ greater than 150, then they will be placed into education and trained in a field of science. If the IQ is less then 150, they would be instantly put into a breeding farm, where they will be used to breed with whoever of the scientists choosing. Luckier females with low IQ will be put into labor work. Cleaning facilities and protecting machinery.