Imra found her way onto the ship through a poorly done teleportation portal. Upon finding that she had been cursed. She had heard of The Septimo's journey across the ocean, her goal being that she would travel far and wide hoping to find a solution to reverse the malediction placed upon her. 


Imra is very much compromised by her emotions, though not necessarily everything on the spectrum, managing her anger is usually her downfall. She is known to be endlessly stubborn, moody, judgmental, selfish, and become easily upset. She has difficulty properly expressing herself, displaying her frustrations of an ordeal by jumping to conclusions and quickly blaming others if things don't go as planned.

Despite having quite the temper; when not tested she is chipper and playful. Joking and teasing others likely to the point of frustration. She has shown to warm up to people once she understands their intentions. It could be because she enjoys their company, or they have directly benefited her in a way. In return she is known to be loyal and kind-ish, expressing her favor of someone in an uncanny way.

However her empathy/sympathy is not an endless supply. It is lacking the majority of the time. A fatal trait when it comes to developing friendships, but an aide when thieving & committing crimes. Though inconsistent, she does display sentiment in rare instances. In addition to that, Imra has an underlying innocence and naivete to her even with what she has experienced.

When you first meet them

Generally she doesn't mind conversing with others. She is very brute with her words, and will always speak her mind. Whether she knows you or not, she tends to poke fun at others which tends to upset the soft-hearted, but known as a usual occurrence to ones that are familiar with her persona.

To others they like/dislike

To friends Imra is always joking and teasing and as hard as friends are made for the girl, broken friendships are a common feat. Most people finding her to be difficult and unruly, and she accepts these in stride, coming to the conclusion that it's not her own fault. When she dislikes someone, she WILL let them know. She will be snotty and apprehensive, and there won't be a moment's time where she doesn't express her negative thoughts about the individiual, often stooping low enough to mumble petty insults as they pass by.


It’s quite simple; she believes she can have it all. 


Playing lute & singing.


Likes: Whiskey, music, dancing, shapeshifters, shiny valuable things.She finds adventure in traveling, and gaining items through petty thievary. 

Dislikes: Authority, Strict rules, being snuck up on. She doesn’t particular like the art of Necromancy or Pyromancy, or Phyrexians.


The loss of her Mother would undoubtedly devastate Imra. She doesn’t like swimming either; in her youth, being forcefully submerged in water countless times by bullies has created a phobia in the in the girl.

Pain threshold

Moderate pain threshold for her frame.  


Her curse. The effect is if she uses magic, her life force dwindles, causing her veins to darken very visibly. If she were to use her abilities freely, she would be no more. The hex is painless, which makes the ordeal difficult to handle, as its dire effect can easily consume her. (She overdressed herself to cover the bolt-like markings on her skin.) As of right now, the curse has been reversed.


Physique Imra is a nineteen year old half-elven woman who stands at 5’0 feet, owning a petite/slim physique. She has bright red hair which reaches the middle of her back. Imra's complexion is a light russet color, smooth in texture, but uneven in skin tone; there are subtle signs of sun damage evident near her mouth stomach and arms, but mostly not visible unless one pays close attention. Her eyes are a pupil-less cerulean nearly covering the majority of her sclera. Tattoos are the following: a tribal tattoo circling her right bicep, A heart over her left rib cage, and on her right thigh there are several images; the most prominent being two owls, a skull, and several roses among a lighted candle.

Second Form

It is been known a few times that she has claimed to take the form of a griffin. But of course, this is an illusion. 


Comfortable clothes that do not hinder her movements. She wears a variety of boots, gloves, and has been seen to wear many different things during her time on the Septimo. 


Medical History



Without her magic or the option of shadows Imra can only inflict minimum damage in face to face combat. She relies heavily on her illusive and evasive abilities, able to dodge until otherwise tiring her opponent until she can escape or attack when her opponent isn't looking. During this instance, it's possible she can inflict moderate to maximum damage.

It's been known she takes advantage within the illusions she manifests for her opponent. Causing enough disorientation and delusion to stun them, and in turn granting more opportunities to inflict damage. Fist fights with someone within same size range as her have proven to be successful in the past and inflict moderate damage without weapons.

Inhuman Advancement

Dexterity, and speed. When it comes to survival her mental senses become keen. She can occasionally sense when someone is lying and can sense traps if she take time to study the environment. On land her nomadic lifestyle has benefited her navigation skills.


Imra has a gun that she stole when she was cursed and forced to abstain from using magic. She is not very skilled at it only having it to protect herself. Other than that, she has small throwing knives, and accurate aim. When she can get her hands on them, she uses poisonous darts.


Specializing in Visual spectrum of illusionist magic, she can manifest a multitude of things, but not for a long period of time. As for elemental, she isn't very good at this criteria but can perform simple spells, she hopes to learn more as she has issues with energy expenditure. She is hesitant to learn this however, since she has experienced being in a coma once beforehand; a result from overexerting herself.

Other Skills

Despite the nuisance that she is, Imra has quite the singing voice.


She can read and write the common tongue. A teensy bit of Elven.


Albanian, and a bit of Elvish, only learned from the library of the Septimo and because of Thomasin Aestina who is about the only one that talks back to her in this tongue.


On land, whether it is common ground or not, her sense of navigation is exceptional. 

Roleplay Setting



Ship’s Bard. She enjoys this very much, as her mother sang as a bard when she was younger in the city if Falewind, Neigoria.

Living area

Currently she resides in a bunk in the barracks.


In the beginning she did not own much belongings, but as the Septimo docked in different places Imra’s collection of things have grown. The majority of those items being stolen.



Imra was raised in Neigoria by a human mother. In a region where the climate was harsh, and food was scarce. As the years had gone by, Imra was bullied as a child; despite this she only grew fiercer, biting back with double the strength. The taunting affected her, but she expressed her contempt for others by stealing and using her unpracticed magic to scare away vicious children.

Home Town

Imra was born to a human mother Rosaline Keove in the lands of Neigoria. 

First Appearance

She appeared on the Septimo through a vortex that teleported her from a different location. Since she missed the initial dockage of the Septimo because she had overslept. Seeing the vessel as her last hope to reverse the curse placed on her she had help summoning a (poorly done) portal which had lunged her onto the upper deck of the Septimo. Thankfully she had not suffered terrible injuries from the speed of the vortex; only some bumps and bruises. After dropping on the Septimo she was interviewed by Thomasin, and was then sorted by Captain Matthew as the ship’s bard.


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Rosaline Keove, she is alive and keeps in contact via postage. As for her father; (a mage professor in the region of Vittoria) she has never met him in person, but he is known to communicate through Imra’s dreams, displaying that he is a talented dream weaver. They have had several conversations this way, despite Imra's disdain.


Imra has three elder brothers. They have met her only once when she was too young too remember. Out of the three fully-elven children, she is her Father’s only Maori child despite them being full-blooded elves and their natural affinity to being children of Ventura. This was revealed to her by her Father when he frequently weaves his way into her dreams and it is something she brags about when the topic arises.


Thomasin Aestina

Micah Varian

Notable others

Her enemy is the Snow witch that hexed her.

Idol/Role model

Rosaline Keove. Imra’s mother is the only stable figure in her life. Imra has witnessed her mother fight to survive the hungers during the harsh winters of Neigoria, and the scrutiny of raising a half-breed child on her own. They are both a force of nature; Imra can be considered much like her mother in many ways. 


Unleix roleplays Imra Keove.

Approval given

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