At the head of the great mages' university sits a conglomeration of clocks which do not depict any accurate time or day of the land; they seem to tick in rhythm with patterns not of this sane and reasonable plane of existence
— Anonymous sailor

Many signs posted at the port read:

  • Do not swim. Fishing prohibited within 10 miles of the port. Waters are very dangerous.
  • Travelling in the forests alone is not recommended. Please keep in large groups. Assistance through the forests via the Sanctum can be provided on request.
  • Once a day transportation is provided out of the city.


A decently sized port town that sits on the southeast edge of the Lyrcosa Islands, a chunk of large islands off the coast of Meridianus. It is a prime target for adventurers and scholars due to it's eerie forests full of old ruins and legends of monsters past. The air is seemingly heavy, and not from the humidity. There is an uncanny feeling about the area. A feeling that something is off or wrong. As if an unseen malign force or shadow looms just beyond to overtake the city and everyone in it.

Strange things are rumored to lurk within the seemingly lifeless woodlands surrounding the city. Ranging from typical stories of hauntings to frightening tales of large unnatural monsters that feed on those who wander in too deep. It is not common for those who wander into the woods alone or with insufficient company or supplies to come back alive or even be heard from again.

The center of the town leading to the port is mainly lined with businesses, small shops, and high/class apartments and residences, while from there the streets are curved and building placements are asymmetrical. Many Middle/average class townhouses, cornerstores, and apartments are built at strange angles to accommodate the road placement. Or just oddly built in general. Some floors slant and doors can lead to nowhere. Local lore states it is to confuse the negative spirits that roam. Buildings are often packed together with occasional parks to break up the space and give Lindow's children a place to play. A few grassy patches are actually graveyards from before Lindow's large graveyard was finally built only twenty years previously. The town is very respectful to these graves and refuse to move them. Some feature decent sized tombs that just sometimes don't feel right when the moon is at certain phases.

The streets are mostly cobbled but trickle off into gravel and dirt in the outskirts of town. Inner city street lamps are lit by hand while back streets and the outskirts tends to not have many, if any street lamps at all. Residents out at night will carry torches or candles.

Aside from its messy geography and tales of sinister forces, Lindow is known for its export of rice, fish, and sugar. Often those things are traded for stores of wheat and other foods. The state of the ground makes it hard to farm so most livestock and crops are kept closer to the capital on the mainland, and brought in by farmers for sale and trade.


Relatively low in the city, but not unheard of. Thieves are a given in any marketplace setting, preying on the merchants on the docks where things can be busy and chaotic, as well as market stalls located toward the back of the marketplace. Disappearances happen occasionally, though many are often blamed on the things that lurk beyond the woods.

There are two groups of guards that patrol in Lindow.

Common city guard:

  • What you would think of your average town guard being. Armed with short swords and flintlock revolvers. They wear tan uniforms with red trim, enchanted by the towns mages for strength and protection. Some of them are magic users.

The Sanctum Només:

  • Elite magic-wielding guards sent by the capital. They usually deal with larger and more dangerous issues. These involve the creatures that lurk around,sometimes attack the town, as well as magic-oriented issues the sometimes non-magic town guard cant handle. They wear plate mail and purple uniforms. There are not as many sanctum guards as there are other guards in town, they are posted along the borders of the forests and around the docks, market, and Academy. If asks they will provide escort through the forests to Herbwise or the bridge to the mainland.


Mostly rainy. Average rains are just sprinkles or very light showers, sometimes with patches of sunniness or general cloudiness to break it up. Sunny or clear days are very humid and sticky with just the occasional winds to help fend off the ickiness a bit.

Rain can turn into an all out downpour unexpectedly. Turning the already soft ground into a muddy onslaught against fine shoes and low hanging skirts. Full blown storms in the area are often brutal and unpredictable.

Winters are short, with minimal snow.

Lindow weather has two settings: "Ugh!" and "Why?!"

Common attire/style.

Locals tend to wear anything that is loose and airy, umbrellas, cloaks, and various coats are common too, especially during the wetter parts of the year. Dresses, tunics, shorts and loose fitting slacks are all common. Patterns are usually colourful and busy with geometric designs and black or antique gold detailing. White is not a common colour among the middle and poor classes because of how easily it soils, however the higher classes tend to wear it more. Headscarves and hats are also common attire for locals.

Dresses are rarely ankle length, as they quickly become soiled and dirty in the mud and rainwater. This does not stop the Lindow Elite from wearing their best though. They can usually be seen riding on horseback or in their carriages. Even the local Kica-Kela sect wears shorter robes than their Udhaakehian brethren.

Notable locations.

The port itself.

  • Usually full of Sailors. A small sailors tavern sits along the docks. Though its usually not a place where the commonfolk or visitors go. A place for telling ones tales of the sea and getting drunk of your rump. Ran by an elderly sailor Howard Ralph II.

The seaside inn.

  • Fancy hotel near the docks. Three floors of vacancy and provides all sorts of luxuries. Its said the third floor is haunted. Scrapes and footsteps can be heard traversing the ceilings of the hallways on the second floor. While third floor residents claim to see shadows walking out of the corner of their eyes. It is suspected it is the ghost of Elias Walton, a sailor who offed himself one night after a long period of being tormented by nightmares.

The boars head tavern.

  • Most popular bar in town, located on a less walked street of simple shops and townhouses.


  • Large marketplace in the town square. Vendors from the town, capital, and even merchants from other lands set up here. Whats available here from outside sources changes with the time of year. Guards are present to protect from theives and issues. At least one or two sanctum guards linger too.


  • Mages university located at the center of town, Lindows trademark clocks sit in it's courtyard. Students from all over the world come here to study in various arcane practices. Though the most popular and taught subjects are those involving defense against darker magics, multiversal theories, eldritch and occult practices, and many more.
  • When approaching from ferry or port, the universities tall, white spires are one of the first things that can be seen towering above the rest of the city. Bells located within chime the change of classes, as well as important events in the city.

University library.

  • Located on the left side of campus. Its open to the public during certain daylight hours and the upper rooms serve as the meeting spot for the Sanctum guard. Many many books can be found here: Fairytales, history books, depictions of ancient ritual and practice. Some of the older books only exist in fragile fragments and must be requested to be handled. Ran by Phesi Goslinn.


  • Outside of Lindow to the north of the City. Ran by the Salvators. The ground and air teems with a life that contrasts the off and unnatural feel of the forests around it. Accessed by trails through the woods. If wishing to travel there it is recommended that you hire an escort for the forests between it and the city are very dangerous.

Salvator shop.

  • Herb and medicine shop in town run by the Salvators. Located by the mill.

Sucre Island.

  • Island to the east of the city. Known to be populated by children. The only access to it is a narrow, fragile rope bridge that doesn't seem like it can support any great weight.

Meitson's performance hall and auditorium:

  • Often exhibits of newfound research, magic, and science are held here as well as the occasional concert and art show.

Plantation house:

  • Home of Solus in the woods, about a twenty minute walk West, from the edge of town.

Notable Characters/NPCs

(NPC)Saffron Tahan- Captain of the Sanctum guard. Dark skinned with dark reddish brown hair, usually wrapped in colourful scarves. Usually seen in the sanctum armor, light plate with a strange symbol engraved on the front with purple uniform. Nice personality but devoted to her job. being friend is for odd duty times.

Luka Antoni- Sanctum guard. Works under Saffron, Blond hair and dark colored eyes. Often seen outside the taverns and lurking in the market place. Luka has a take no shit attitude and will tell it like it is.

Mireia Tahan- Wife of Saffron, most often seen in the market in her tailoring stall. Mireia is one of the most well known and well loved tailors in Lindow. and is kept fairly busy. She and her wife make an unsual looking couple, for as dark as Saffron is Miri is light. Albino skin and Crystal blue eyes, and white hair to boot.

Tituba Weir Sutton- Local mage for hire and researcher of the strange arcane happenings around town.

Zachariah Dysart- Teacher of dark arts and defense of at the academy. Tall with black greying hair, olive skin, and a prominent nose. Stern and quick to lecture, but good natured overall. Has an eyepatch, but does not speak of how he lost his eye.

(NPC)Phesi Goslinn- Late shift librarian. Tall older man with well groomed and trimmed beard and grey-bluish hair. Coloured that way for funs sake. Has a pleasant personality. Is a long time friend of Granny Salvatore.

Phoebe Bayley- Morning shift librarian. Average height with blackish-green skin and teal/yellow eyes. Animal of all kinds really hate her though she has a strange resemblance to the library cat. Quiet, possibly mute, and very grouchy.

(NPC)Howard Ralph II- Owner of the sailors tavern. Doesn't do much work anymore as age has caught up to him. Seems to suffer from Korsakoff Syndrome. Short and hunched with messy white hair, bald on top.

(NPC)Minas E. Ralph- Daughter of Howard. Bartender of sailors tavern. Short, middle aged, and thin with frizzy crinkly blonde hair and dull, plain features. However she has a quick wit and sharp tongue necessary for dealing with rowdy sailors. Picks up work for her father, and has a few unnamed hired barmaids that work for her.

Enya Salvator- Herbwise healer. Commonly found just about everywhere in Lindow, and is well loved by the towns people. Constantly on call for medical help. And is Lindow's only surgeon. Midwife

Cassandra (Granny) Salvator- Herbwise healer and Enya's Grandmother, Racist, wise, and capable of making any potion you could need. Slightly crazy and due to tremors in her hands unable to preform most hands on medical tasks. Midwife

Kol Riddly- Captain of a very successful Fishing ship. Dabbles in blacksmithing and makes most of his own parts for his ships. Childhood friends with Enya Salvator A large black man with blue eyes. Most commenly seen on the docks or in the market.

Andalian La'Shay- Student of water magic, Arcane rituals, healing and alchemy. a Water Elemental, Can be seen most often with his nose in a book, level headed and quiet.

(NPC)Theodore Astrie Nealor- Strange otherworldy looking researcher from the Northwestern wood. Unnaturally tall and thin appears jaundiced and has a slight hunch. Has reddish brown eyes. Dogs seem to hate him. Calls himself 'fancy.'

Thaddeus- Friend of Theodore

Solus- Reclusive wizard of the woods. Seems friendly.

Kyary La-phaego M'tyen- Albanian speaking Kela who owns a market booth, and wears civilian clothes while on the job. Sells seashell jewelry. Is usually only seen during market hours. It is recommended by the local guard that people not follow her into the woods if she offers as she is suspect for many of the disappearances but no solid proof has been found.


(NPC)Feth McDolavin- Bakers assistant. Fly-person. Despite his looks hes a damn good baker and well known around the city.

Sister towns.


  • Ghost town to the north west. Its said that nearly a hundred years previously the settlers vanished. Those who went out to explore and lived say a stone wall made of large perfectly aligned bricks now surrounds the once-settlement. They were too afraid to enter. Anyone who has.. has not returned.


  • Ghost town, abandoned forty years ago by residents after unsettling forces drove them out. They feared suffering the same fate as Ulii. Many still remain within Lindow to tell the tales of odd happenings that week. Since then a small sect of the Kica-Kela have taken up residence there and claimed the old library and all the now lost knowledge within..

The forests.

As mentioned before things linger in the woods that should not be. Wild animals are a hardly seen rarity, so all hunting is usually done on the lands on the other side of the river. Things can be seen that can be mistaken for wildlife. Cattle-sized creatures with bulging red eyes. Black trees that move on their own accord and blend in to their surroundings. Many-eyed canines, giant bugs that buzz and hum, shapeless beasts with lots of teeth... ghosts, ghouls, and other monsters.

The trees and plant life are oddly greyed, grow thick and gnarled. leaves are somewhat stiff and break with a decent amount of pressure. The forest floor is oddly barren between the trunks and few shrubs save for strains of an oddly luminescent fungus and mushrooms. Leaves above form a canopy that makes light scarce and the hot, rainy, humid days make for thickly foggy drizzly nights.

Three intact estates remain. The home of the wizard Solus, and the home of Theodore. Other broken, rotting, and fungus-coated buildings occasionally dot the woods off the common used paths. Long abandoned. Some by choice, some not. Most residents, if remembered at all, are recorded to have just simply vanished homes left behind to rot as a sinister reminder to those who try to stay in the unwelcoming woods.

Herbwise is a small patch of relief though. Located just at the edge of the river to the mainland. Where the land is warm and welcoming rather than eerie and unforgiving. Plant life thrives there as well as animals. It is a place of healing and sought out by the towns sufferers of long-term illnesses. The trees are alive here, and whisper and speak to one another through creaks and groans. The land itself is said to be alive and conscious.

Meta information

Lindow does not look like the room on IMVU. Due to lack of proper terrain and KB size it is pretty much impossible to create. So use your imagination and descriptions given over the exact layout of the room. Many of the buildings needed are not in the room. So Avis will most likely not be where the characters are. Just ask where everyone is upon entering.

Race, origin, appearance, and features will not get you shunned or disliked. Lindow has worse things to worry about than someone's red eyes and pointy ears or strange 'sooo weird' behaviour. Posting in and having NPCs gossip and fear your character for things such as this might get those actions voided. While it is plausible for the merchants and non-Lindow residents to have these reactions. Doing so for attention or edginess factor is highly discouraged.

The things that lurk in the woods are not easy to defeat. Going in with the intention of looking like a badass and basically godmodding creatures and defeating them with ease will most likely get you warned by a mod. Wandering in the woods is fine. Getting out unscathed will not be an easy task. Not to mention attacking the things that lurk tends to come back negatively on the town. So doing so will usually NOT lead to your character being some form of hero.

Lindow's RP is open to anyone's plots and side plots. Just throw a hook or come to one of the mods about it. It has no 'true' linear story and we are always welcomed to someones plot line if the person is willing to stick by it. Just be courteous about it. Don't try to interrupt or derail someone else's ongoing story.

Room is based on the works of HP Lovecraft. You do not have to know his stories but dont be afraid to ask if something mentioned confuses you.