Welcome to our roleplay! The story is a part of the main Septimo RP that takes place in the world of Morpheus. For more information on the main RP and world itself see the main players guide.

Lindow is a large port town in Meridianus, located at the south of the Lyrcosa island chain. It is the only remaining port on the southern isles and the last city as well. The other cities and settlements were abandoned or wiped out by unknown forces years ago.

An unavoidable sense of wrongness and dread lingers in the city and the foggy Deliquae seas. No one fishes near the town and people seem very iffy about going near the dull and fungus filled forests. The main entrances to the town are through the docks, and through the main road through the woods to the mainland.

More on lindow here.

Entrances can easily be written using either of the towns main entrances, as well as posting in a a visitor or long-time resident. Positions within the town are available for those wishing to join. Portalling in is welcome, bust discouraged. Ask a mod before using such an entrance.


  • OP/gods/godlike characters: If you think your character falls into this category just ask a mod, it can be discussed whether it can be played and tweaked accordingly. Due to the fact there are sometimes plot based missions and fights in the RP we like to keep it fair.
  • Angelic or Demonic characters are not allowed. - This is due to Morpheus not having either a 'Heaven' or 'Hell' Characters that are a thinly veiled version of these called by something else will not be allowed either.
  • Time Travel / Aliens / Dark-Magical OCs / Androids are allowed' but are not encouraged. Please inform a mod if you intend to create a character involving this. Lindow is more open to the concept of time-travel and aliens, but it must be handled well. See a mod first. Undead and monsterfolk will most likely not be denied, but as well, see a mod first to be sure.
  • Pertaining to slaves and runaways- Slavery is outlawed completely in Lyrcosa. And OOC I will not allow people to be owned illegally. You can thank people who cannot handle the trope at all for that. However runaways are permitted if they are from other lands and handled well. Mod approval needed for this. This room is not a 'collarbait' room or a place to find a new master under a thin veil of runaway. Nope.
  • The following abilities are not allowed
    • Auto-Healing (Of yourself or others)
    • Auto-Regeneration- Acceptations can be made, ask first. usually its allowed but must have consequences or good explanation of process, as well as a reasonable time from start to finish to make it fair.
    • Mental abilities such as: Mind-control, body-manipulation, possessing, etc.
    • Mind reading.
    • Time Manipulation

The world of Morpheus is its own world and roleplay what many individuals have worked on to make it its own land. As a result we do not promote cross/multi-dimensional play. Lindow itself can be an acceptation to this, but it must be thoroughly discuss with not only Lindows room owner but the owner of the RP as a whole. .

A Quick Last Few Words...

This RP is a group adventure/horror storyline that is meant to be ongoing through the players involved as well as the setting. As it is in other parts of the Morpheus RP plotlines such as romantic/sexual plotlines should not take center stage above the rest of the play. Relationships (being just friends or romantic RP) are not banned from the RP, but excluding the rest of the group and making play all about that alone will get you a warning. Other players should not be excluded because of this. This also includes partners removing themselves from general play constantly.

Why join a group RP if you are not interested in the group?

In this roleplay you have rights as a player. (Players Rights) Please inform a mod or the room owner if you feel these rights are violated. We are there to help. If you do not approach us, we can not help you. Please remember to keep In Character (IC) and out of character (OOC) relationships/drama separate. Just because two characters do not get along, does not mean that reflects OOC how one player feels about another. Please be mature and respect all players, old and new alike.

Also as a reminder, you are not obligated to RP with everyone. However you are obligated to be polite about it. If you cant multi-character or someone puts themselves in a position where they cant be posted to. Just nicely point it out. No player is expected to drop what they are doing to RP with someone who posted away from the group. However you can request someone play an NPC or multi-character for you. If they can't it is your job to make the effort to get yourself into play.

Like any room, there is a warning system in place. You will only be directed to this page if you appear to neglect them as they will not apply unless a person is rude/arrogant/vulgar etc. Click here for the warning system.

Copied from the Lindow page's meta info, since I feel this should be here too:

Lindow does not look like the room on IMVU. Due to lack of proper terrain and KB size it is pretty much impossible to create. So use your imagination and descriptions given over the exact layout of the room. Many of the buildings needed are not in the room. So Avis will most likely not be where the characters are. Just ask where everyone is upon entering.

Race, origin, appearance, and features will not get you shunned or disliked. Lindow has worse things to worry about than someone's red eyes and pointy ears or strange 'sooo weird' behaviour. Posting in and having NPCs gossip and fear your character for things such as this might get those actions voided. While it is plausible for the merchants and non-Lindow residents to have these reactions. Doing so for attention or edginess factor is highly discouraged.

The things that lurk in the woods are not easy to defeat. Going in with the intention of looking like a badass and basically godmodding creatures and defeating them with ease will most likely get you warned by a mod. Wandering in the woods is fine. Getting out unscathed will not be an easy task. Not to mention attacking the things that lurk tends to come back negatively on the town. So doing so will usually NOT lead to your character being some form of hero.

Lindow's RP is open to anyone's plots and side plots. Just throw a hook or come to one of the mods about it. It has no 'true' linear story and we are always welcomed to someones plot line if the person is willing to stick by it. Just be courteous about it. Don't try to interrupt or derail someone else's ongoing story.

Room is based on the works of HP Lovecraft. You do not have to know his stories but dont be afraid to ask if something mentioned confuses you.

Welcome to Lindow, best of luck to ye in the presence of the unknown.