The world of Morpheus is built up with different environments and societies that promote a whole vast range of species and kin. These beings inhabit some in peace and co-existence, others in war and bloodshed. Many races are evolved from the first three documented kin. Eoduun, Luminos and Humans. If the race is not evolved from the three original kin, than the race has been created by the intelligence of other race.

Not many race is considered strict Maori or Caoul. As legend tells, any kin can learn a magical ability, thus making them a Maori. As Maori means 'Magic user', those races who are associated with a magic, like Fae for example, do not always have to channel a magic outlet, so whilst the Fae would be considered a Maori race, this due to the majority not knowing how to channel the use of a magical ability.

The Original Races of Morpheus

The first species on Morpheus were the Eoduun. This was a race of light essence that lived in harmony with each other to wonder the world. Documented next was Luminos. Luminos was the opposite to the home race, built from essence of pure darkness. Beings of legends and lore it is said these entities eroded though the light, and when the light fell, skeletons were left in there place. From this, the Human kind was born through evolution and creation, rising from the dead in the first known war of spiritual necromancy.

Since then, more race has come in time. Developed for knowledge, power, war and hunger. From the feline rouges that haunt the sands of Soumi, the the army of goblins that raid the mountains in Vittoria, or the Humans that live in corruption across Regalis. The mirage of races make the wonders of Morpheus even more wondrous.

The Species

The species of Morpheus is categorised into 12 groups. These groups are ...


Not all races are playable in select rooms. This page simply states existence across Morpheus. If a race is listed as extinct this is usually due to a specific reason and we ask that you respect these decisions in order to keep fairness throughout the RP. These races are here as guidelines on what is generally accepted in the Roleplay, more common races and kin that inhabit Morpheus. Not all of the pages below are completed and more can be added. If wanting to create a unmade page, please do so though the Morpheus Wiki main homepage.If you have a race that you would like to use that does not fit into any of the below species OR you feel might need some approval please talk to the room owner or an appropriate moderator. We try our best to be accommodating to all!