The Luminos is a extinct species on the Earth. These were said by legend to be the 'soul eaters' or 'reapers' of Morpheus, created by ventura to rid and destroy the Eoduun. They were known to be the complete negative of the light race, therefore cancelling out theyre existence. The Luminos was never to have a purpose on earth other than this.


There are simply beings of legend, said to be darkened figures, beings of nightmare. They hold no physical qualities, and some doubt they even actually existed.

Life cycle

The birth of the Luminos would have the singular purpose of wiping out the Eoduuns in hopes of making morpheus a natural land.


Unlike the Eoduun, the luminos did not have a second species of development. However it is also said that these beings became the manifestation that becomes the magical entity inside of Maori.

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