Morpheus is a planet in the galaxy of Ursa Sirius. Morpheus is the largest out of 52 known planets all created by the entity, Data. The entity is the creator of all, and is legend into war with the entity Ventura. Ventura brings magic to all vulnerable creation, destroying the living with war and chaos. The world has its own legend, of how the two gods are in fact moons of protection. This legend goes believed by some, and remains only a bed time story to others. This planet is also closest to Sunarium (the Sun).

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Maori & Caoul

As Morpheus is a highly religious world, the majority believe and follow gods. However, not all. For those who do follow the religion of the world. There is gods for whether a person is Caoul or Maori.


Along with your average human there is a race of superhuman beings, who live across the seas, forests, deserts, or even in a town near you. Superhumans who can pass as normal human beings. Become your friend, your mother, your father, your lover. Anybody. Beings who can pass as humans, but have greater strength and power than any mere human could ever possess. Sirens, seductresses of the sea and sky, using their voices to lure in unsuspecting sailors. Cyborgs, being who are half human, half robot. Possessing unimaginable strength and knowledge. Accompanied by immortality. Even pure beings, such as angels roam the earth, sometimes watching over their loved ones. These are no mere humans, these are hybrids, a freak of nature. Powerful, unbeatable, beings.


Behind the veil of normal humanity lies a whole other world where the Maoris live. They have abilities beyond the imagination; manipulating the elements, creating shadows, healing and shifting time. These are the magic users of Morpheus. Witches and warlocks that can either bless or curse you from your normality. Or hiding from behind the corners the Dark Fae play their evil tricks, turning you green and stealing your belongings for there own twisted satisfaction. Demons wait in the dark with they are murderous minds, preparing to pounce as the werewolf howls at the purple moon. Magic and mystery, Power and immortality. The things that were thought only to be fantasy, becomes a reality. These are the Maoris.

Spirit Realm

Morpheus's Spirit Realm

Morpheus has no heaven or hell. Instead there is a place known as "The Spirit Realm" where souls of the deceased roam awaiting judgement and reincarnation.

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