Welcome to our Roleplay! Before anything please know that these are loose guidelines. We do not wish to attack your creative mind, the world of Morpheus is for all, new and old to expand and grow within a fantasy.

Morpheus - The World

Many races live in regions and kingdoms across the world of Morpheus.With 12 regions and 7 major seas, the world is much larger and widespread than Earth, doubled up in size. The world itself is advanced in steampunk(steam-power) and diesel punk(diesel-power) For the most part, excelling particularly in medical science. While other areas are still stunned in advancement, giving some lands a 'Medieval' environment. There are religious legends and lore which most people live by.


Magic and non-magic folk in Morpheus have been at war for many millennia. The people are separated into two groups depending on whether the person is a magic user or not. (These are ways to describe magical, and non magical land/beings/abilities etc.(Much like wizard and muggles in Harry Potter))

Caoul: These are those that were born under the god known as Data. Data is the god of Creation. People who are considered Caoul, are those who are unable to use magic. (Manipulation/bending is not classed as magic)

Maori: These are those that were born under the god known as Ventura. Ventura the god of Magic. People who are considered Maori are people who use magic.

Please Note...Some of the above regions are strict No Magic or Magic users If this is the case for the area the character is in, the other will be shunned, abused or even killed if they cross into land they are not welcome.


The main room - Septimo

A whale-shaped steam powered ship that travels across the world of Morpheus. Septimo is a safe house, famed for offering transport and a home to those who need it, little questions asked, in exchange for work or money. If you appear a threat when entering the Roleplay, you will most likely be interrogated in a cell. The year is 1764. Septimo does follow pirate lore and guidelines, and to many, they are considered pirates of Morpheus.

  • The ship holds a average of 80 upper-decks men and 20 engine workers (The majority of these will be NPC(Non-played character))
  • Jacob Jenkinson - IvoryAequitas/EbonyAequitas is captain.
  • This is a Day-by-day story line, the group will at times agree on time-skips for story line progression.

((Note: If the ship is docked in a land/village room under the Septimo/Morpheus name, please take into account that the entrances and information may be a little different. Feel free to ask if unsure.))

Posting Expectations

Our post average is 1-5 lines. We do not follow any tiers. More is posted when needed. Ie, in combat. (Be aware of the average and do not expect large replies that exceed this, though many may post more to match the effort you put in place.)

When entering the roleplay, there is multiple ways you can do so. The most simple way would be to play as if your character has been on board for some time as a NPC. (Please approach room owner to clarify if you wish to do this)

Other ways to post in would be...

  • To walk on the ship when it is docked.
  • To be 'summoned' by the ship's captain if you would with a major skill/trade - Eg, Doctors/Cooks etc.(Please approach room owner)
  • If at sea, you are welcome to stow away, end up lost at sea/stranded, or even attack the ship.

Creating a Character

We welcome any character unless stated in the prohibitions. Due to this we can add and work around any Kingdom, Village, Backstory, Race, Class etc within discussion with the MAIN EDITOR of the Morpheus world.

  • Do NOT make your character Mary Sue. These are not fun, or realistic to the world.
  • You do NOT need to make a character profile upon arrival.
  • We do allow multiple characters per player, please ask roomowner if you intend to do so as there is limitations/requests surrounding this.


Septimo offers many missions/quests/team battles, abilities, skills and weapons need to be kept fair throughout the whole of the community.

  • Overpowered or Godlike characters are not allowed. No Meta-gaming, godmodding blahblahblah...~ Your idea of over powered may not match the rooms idea of overpowered. Any being that appears invincible, extremely polished or incredibly inhumane my be questioned. This is due to the room hosting quests, missions and battles that involve group play. All should be on par with each other.
  • Angelic or Demonic characters are NOT allowed. - Morpheus does not have a 'Heaven' or 'Hell'
  • We do not promote cross/multi-dimensional play.
  • The following abilities are not allowed
    • Auto-Healing (Of yourself or others)
    • Auto-Regeneration
    • Mental abilities such as: Mind-control/transfer, body-manipulation, possessing, etc.
    • Mind reading.
    • Time Manipulation
    • Absorbing ones soul or magic without consequence or redirection.
    • Invincibility

A Quick Last Few Words...

This is a Adventure story that is promoted for a group roleplay. Roleplay stories like romance, sex and own personal story lines that requires little to no communication with the the group may be requested to be taken to private chat. Please remember to keep In Character (IC) and out of character (OOC) relationships/drama separate.

In this roleplay you have rights as a player. (Players Rights) Please inform a mod or the room owner if you feel these rights are violated. We are there to help. If you do not approach us, we can not help you.

Like any room, there is a warning system in place. You will only be directed to this page if you appear to neglect them as they will not apply unless a person is rude/arrogant/vulgar etc.

Welcome to Septimo. Happy Sailing. :D

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