This is a small guide to those who wish to partake in combat within the roleplay. Please read the heading which applies to you. Remember, all players have Players Rights.

Casual 1v1+ Spar

A casual spar is normally decided by the two, or more, parties involved. The terms and rules can be discussed pre-hand before battle should they wish, however those involves are welcome, and encourages to use the points listed below.

Battle, War, Group Combat & 1v1+ Spar

Occasionally a unplanned battle, war or spar may occur. If this is so, the following points must be taken into consideration.

  • Spectators - There needs to be at least 1+ extra people in the room of combat, this person will spectate and judge official spar and battle.
  • Tiers - Official spar and battle are not judged by T1 or T2 rules. Post length will not affect outcome as long as enough detail is added to get the intent across.
  • Wikia - All attacks that do not match wikia information are subject to void if argued.  Anything not mentioned on pages should be discussed with opponent.  Make sure to keep pages updated. (Note: If you have not a page built up, please be sure to mention weapons upon there being and combat skills they hold in a official post, this is to ensure each party has the right to void attacks as mentioned) Do not use this Information to meta-game, spectators are to pick possible metagaming up and void.
  • Have fun!!! - Fighting is to be made enjoyable for both parties. Please be aware of all possible outcomes and be a great sport during the roleplay and when the fight comes to its close.
  • Outcomes - Death and severe injury is welcome if played appropriately by a opponent.
  • No godmodding or auto-hitting and no Auto-healing.

Missions and Quests

On occasion the roleplay will host set quests, events, raids and battles. These will be given a time and date for all to join should they wish. Upon these missions, the host will decide the rules. Please check the Forum for this information.

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