This page Is she show who is active, and they're roles within the role play community of Morpheus. Below is a grid, Please write your name, Wikia username, Main characters (Please no NPC's,) And your role will be later filled out by the Creator.

Please go to Roleplay Rooms to look at all available rooms Morpheus has to offer.

IMVU nickname Wikia username Main RP characters Role (OOC)
IvoryAequitas / EbonyAequitas IvoryAequitas Septimo: Diana Marie Viccars, Jacob Jenkinson, Matthew Edwards, Christian Jenkinson.

Hiffiam: Kura-Skye Everett, Fumaii Baudouin Soumi: Dagaalyahan Aikuusha

Medela: Hera-Leigh Seymour, Salicaria Lythrum, Nicholas Thompson

Lindow: Tsura-Unn Sheyda







RebellionAequitas Septimo: Xavier Descartes, Stella Jenkinson ,Gwaine Lionheart, Venus Everett, Rover

Hiffiam: Abel Baudouin, Demetri Everett, Ezekiel Castellanos (Archived)

Soumi: Dagaalyahan Lawskahi

Medela: Silvis

HallowsOfUmbra: Jaques Dawes, Absynth Divine, Sami Randvei





CeriAequitas Cerianne Laura Baudouin, Gwyn/Kitty, Chamille, Esteri Amarissa Moderator, Admin
DrunkenAequitas Planken Sonja ''planke'' Planksdatter, Peter the parrot, Sverre Bjerkersønn Moderator, Admin
BankieAequitas Bankaiichi999 Vincent Perish, S Moderator, Admin
TheLostAequitas Thelostaequitas Alexander Gale Moderator, Admin
SapphireAequitas SapphiretheGentle  Sapphire the Gentle, Kala, Marnix, Mana Moderator, Admin


Dagaalyahan Ekebe, Galas RoomOwner

Moderator, Admin

RecklessAequitas Audrey, Morte, Amaya Moderator, Admin
BjornAequitas Ash, Ellesse Moderator, Admin
EclipticAequitas Ravine, Brycer Moderator, Admin
SitalaAequitas Septimo: Raven, Tibby

Medela: Mika

Moderator, Admin
CalypsoAequitas Calypso, Dawn Moderator, Admin
AlphaAequitas Jake Moderator, Admin
SahbaAntar/ PhyrexianAequitas/ Yogsothoth EspirituAi Dagaalyahan Dabayalai RoomOwner

Moderator, Admin

SaxumPierce SaxumPierce RoomOwner


Vesperism Vesperism Weston Roland Beauregard Moderator
KhadranEris TakashiroSarutobi  Ra'Qahro Vash'os Moderator
Disreputed Disreputed Morgan Everett, Asura Dragoste, Nim Vhaisse, Nyx Vhaisse Moderator
NeckedAequitas Akitha13 Rava Moderator
Amaritude Amaritude Septimo: Thomasin Aestina

HallowsofUmbra: Ophelia Dawes

Medela: Olive Vitali

CriserChris Cowanwusnothere Ryuki
Hisao Yatalu N.a. Helping out on the wiki

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