Necromancy is a class of beings on Morpheus that are known to utilise magic involving the dead, life-force and/or souls.The purpose of a necromancer is to use the theory of spirit magic to entice and control the veil that is beyond the mortal realms. They hold a direct connection with 'The Spirit Realm' and can manipulate bonds and threads that should not be tampered with by mortal hand.


The Maoris abilities  revolve around manipulating the dead, death, the life-force and/or souls. Those who focus on this magic spectrum can also communicate with the deceased and bring them into the Morpheus once more.

The main reason for going to such lengths, to dabble with and master such a magic is to learn and grow in combat with a easy army to manipulate. Necromancers will mainly use there abilities for defence, attack and military gain across Morpheus, with a few known to reanimate for money and possession. Many who do not agree in the practice see this magic as 'Cheating death'

Life cycle

A Maori is normally born from a humanoid kin, however is less comonly grown from beastkin. The being who develops the power of necromancy will have heightened Spirit levels in the individuals 'Majerum Planum'. When one has the ability to manipulate Auramancy, they are able to dabble with reanimation and necromancy. This can be something as simple and limited as reanimating a small rodent.

The master of necromancy falls when a person practices the art, repeating and growing in there techniques. Necromancy is not just 'Granted' upon a persons magical skill set.

Another way how a individual can expand there abilities in this set field is through Aura Absorption. This is easiest to obtain when a beings entity is dying or near death.

A necromancer can control and manipulate there own lifeforms to make themselves age faster, or suspend aging all together.

Religion and Beliefs

Notable Celebrations/Holidays

Notable Races


The the use of magic is prime in this class of being. Traits of magic are as followed...

  • Soul Summoning
  • Undead Summoning
  • Undead Manipulation
  • Death Inducement
  • Death Magic
  • Death Sense
  • Divination/Mediumship - by contacting dead/undead beings
  • Ectoplasm Manipulation
  • Mold Manipulation - dead matter
  • Motor-Skill Manipulation - dead/undead beings
  • Pain Inducement
  • Pain Suppression
  • Reanimation
  • Resurrection


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