Orcs are a mortal race what inhabits Morpheus. They are green skinned creatures with large and pointy ears. They are taller than humans and are broader and more muscular. Orc's are an aggressive race that forms tribes or  bands. Sometimes these war bands rally together to form mighty armies. Orc's are savage fighters and preferred tactics are to attack in large hordes and use varying weapons to fight with depending on the intelligence within a particular tribe.


The Orc is taller then humans with a large muscular build. The race are green skinned, and upon rare cases some may be grey. They have fangs and the majority also have tusks. The color of a orc's eyes are normally red, black or grey, these are said to pierce into ones being in a predatory glare. It is rare and highly unlikely to find a orc with other colour eyes. Though out there physical development their muscle grows faster then that of a human.

Life cycle

The common orc...


Gotland-Orcs - Gotland orcs are a subspecies of the orcs, having been trained and disciplined for hundreds of years they are a bloodd-thirsty warrior-people. Which highest honour is to kill and die for their King. King Gustav of Arnhem. They are tough. strong, but are useless to anything but fighting and working the lands.They usually lack critical thinking. The most common traits are their predator-eyes. their short temper. and their complete lack of questioning orders.

Savage Orc's which is a tribe that inhabit forests are poorer developed and tend to use clubs and simple weapons to attack with and do not use armour. A more advanced tribe would be equipped forged weapons and armour. Orc's use an unusual mount to get them around quickly they use giant ferocious Boars. These good attacking cavalry.


Half-orcs are a common sight along the borders of the Gotland Province or in Yyleshni. They also occur trough most of the world. but in very small numbers.(probably also in Libertus. But that's not for me to write)