Regalis (Meaning: Reign of the King) is a region of Morpheus located to the centre of the world map.

Regalis is bordered on the Celestial ocean to the east coast and the Lovina ocean around the north, west and south coasts. Sharing a eastern boarder also with the region of Soumi. The Lovina ocean that dips into the crevice of Regalis and Soumi is known as the Emerald ocean and is a famous ocean in Morpheus lore.

Regalis is known to be the 3rd largest region, and remains the most Caoul populated of all the lands with a known number of 11million. There is many individuals of Regalis that is hiding for its well high civilisation and advance in medical science.

The religion of Regalis

Religion worshipped

Katonika: The religion of most Regalians is Katonika. This is a practice that speaks of all bad, magic and destruction. Katonik's choose not to believe in Maori promoted gods as worship the work of Data and her gods of legend.

Place(s) of worship

Kathedal: These grand buildings are carved in stone, and decorated with stained class windows. They normally only have two floors; there is a ground floor, and a banister floor that goes around the walls with a open centre. Kathedals are monitored by priests.

Civilians response to Maori

Across the land of Regalis, the response to Maori is negative. In many areas Maori have been, and will still be tortured, abused and killed on sight. Some kingdoms - Such as Yyleshni and Hazael are more welcoming to the use of magic and those who's appearance is less humane.

Civilians response to Caoul

Caoul is more accepted in these kingdoms. The lands are majorly humanoid run. However much like the response towards the Maori, those who do not resemble human features - may it be beast features or even elven ears - are also outcasted in this land. Only recently has the people of Regalis started to accept difference in very few areas.

Gods of worship.


Languages of Regalians.

The main races of Regalis.

The main class'es of Regalis.

The geography of Regalis

The common landscape

List of countries

Outlaying Islands.

The history of Regalis

The land has 9 known kingdoms though history. In the year 1762 the kingdom known as Lyons was invaded and royal family slaughtered by unknown forces. The king of Hazael invaded the unclaimed land of Lyons, stripping it of its countries name and claiming the land as its own, making Hazael the largest Kingdom in Regalis. Despite the region being mostly caoul, Yyleshni is a maori based country and is currently fighting for independence against the caoul dominated land.

Regalis is the main region for trade, yet they only trade out to other non-maori regions. Regazya and Libertus are the two main connections. Within its region each kingdom lend and borrow from the other, offering good partnership. Before the fall of Lyons the kingdom was cut from this partnership due to not reciprocating their end of the deal. Yyleshni was also cut from the partnership after being invaded by Nordheim troops.Albanish is the leading language of all Morpheus, and originated from Regalis