Creating your Entrance 

When creating an entrance, make it interesting and have other characters notice you. Make yourself known. In general RP if your original character (OC) does not make an effort with another OC, then you may feel ignored/unwanted in the room. This is most likely due to lack of interaction with other characters or ignorance towards your posts. Make sure you post to others how you would want to be posted towards

  • No matter what the current state of the ship, you can post as if you have been a long standing character onboard. Be clear to state how long you have been here, and the fact people will know your characters name and a bit about who they are.
  • Example: -Walking his usual route along the borders of the ship a smile played his face. Jim always enjoyed the ocean as that was his home for at least 5 years now and probably over 10 years. He brushed his armored hand through his long blonde hair and smiled, just waiting for something to happen-


  • You can post in as if you were being recruited by the ship. This can either be by a advertisement seen, or a letter received. 
  • Example: -He flashed onto the ship and tilts his head. Was this really the Septimo? The flyer described it perfectly. He looked around wondering who he would have to speak to. Jim was a mechanic, a damn good one too. There was not an engine that wouldn't run after he was done with it. From his pocket he grabbed a device that when he turned it on started buzzing real loud and slowly mapped the entire ship for him-
  • OR you can post as someone who has seen the ship, and wishes to seek refuge, work or shelter/protection. 
  • Examples: -Jim looked up at the odd shaped ship, his long blonde locks whipping around his curious face in the salty breeze that filled the docks. He took a step forward, holding his prideful head high as he swallowed his fear of a new possibility. Stepping onto the docks of a septimo. Being a Mechanic, the ship caught his eye. And hopefully the ship will later become more to him then just a sight to look at.- 
  • OR -What he had done wrong was unclear to him but he was on the run. The screaming guards behind him he sighed- "Come on, leave me alone" -He shot through the village and onto the roofs, then like that he was still followed. A groan as he jumped off towards the docks. A whale like ship layed there. Who would look there right? He hopped onto the ship and his in one of the barrels, being scared as hell-


  • There are many ways to enter when at sea, be sure to ask where the ship is travelling to/where the ship currently is as this may aid you in your post. The most common is being a cast away, stranded on an island, being a stow-away, appearing in randomly or attacking the ship. 
  • Examples: -Jim looked up from the raft he was laying upon. He had been out at sea for hours... maybe days. With no concept of time it seemed his days were at a stand still, that was until he saw a island moving in his direction. Moving? he raised his head, the picture becoming more vivid. Was that a ship? Oh heck, anything was good at this point. He attempted to scream out but his vocals couldn't manage such. Grabbing a gun, he used the last of his energy to aim it upwards, creating an explosion that would alert the crew on the septimo of his whereabouts. Hopefully someone there can help him- 
  • OR -Jim appeared upon the upper decks of the ship- Dammit! Not again! He cursed as he tweaked the travelling device upon his arm. Screw it. Now he was here, he might aswell explore. He made his way to the lower decks, looking around for someone to talk to, he was curious to where he was- 
  • OR  -They had been tracking the pirate ship for years, a smirk played his face as they had finally caught up. He raised his sword and with his powerfull voice he yelled over the ship so loud he could be heard over the entire fleet- "PREPARE THE CANNONS!" -Is what he yelled, he had his chance now and once and for all take care of the ship and their filthy crew. Scum one by one. And they had all costed him something- "PREPARE!" -He shouted as the cannons were loaded. The powerful captain raised his ships to the attack formation-

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