Septimo Law

Rank and Respect

  • Captains word is final
  • Authority and rank is not to be abused. All crew to be treated with respect unless stated otherwise by captain. Crew has right to refuse higher ranked members, but any refusal should be taken to Captain if disapproved. 
  • Individuals to be introduced by first/last names and/or preferred alias. Not as ones rank or title.  
  • All protocols to be followed. New people to be treated as strangers. New people have the right of Parlay or to request audience with the captain. Should protocol not be followed, this act to be taken to captain. 
  • Each member of the crew is to follow their assigned role, unless requested by Captain member assignments should not stray. 

Living and Rights

  • Crew to receive basic human living conditions including food, warmth and living arrangements. That said, crew are not to abuse conditions offered, food to be rationed and space to be distributed sparingly. 
  • The ship contains a public bathhouse on the 2 operated decks. Baths will be cleaned at 5am and 3pm daily, scents and towels will be availible for crew, these washed and replaced once daily. 
  • Crew do not have access to food stores. A supply of bread, oats and fruit is available at all times within the ships kitchen - when in stock. Two cooked meals will be prepared and topped up daily. This will include a mix of stews, curries, broths and soups - accompanied by boiled potatoes and cooked rice. Crew can help themselves to these meals throughout there stay, but alternatives will not be made unless agreed by the captain for dietary needs. 
  • Crew can purchase own food and beverages but must be kept within own inventory. 
  • Ones past is not necessary and should not be discussed amongst crew No one but captain to pry into personal questions of another except questions that follow protocol. Race, Class, D.O.B, Home location etc is not to be requested. 
  • Crew are to respect each other. No ill tongue to be spilt in name of another.  
  • All crew, unless stated by captain, to sleep in designated bunks or tower.
  • Be responsible for belongings. Unless locks are broken, this is not classed as theft, yet seen as stupidity. If items are stolen despite being locked securely, or taken from ones person, report to captain.
  • It is crews responsibility to collect paycheck from finance at each day of docking. If paychecks are not collected, money will be returned to ships treasury

Acts of abuse.

  • No harm is to come of the crew members. Should harm fall upon a comrade then responsible crew member to be punished though greater exchange. 
  • Acts of non-consensual sex is forbidden and  responsible crew member to be punished though greater exchange. 
  • No striking one another on board, but every man's quarrels to be ended on shore, at sword and pistol. 
  • Inform captain on acts of abuse to oneself, or the need to act in self defence.  
  • If a member of the crew bare witness to any abuse and fail to report it, they to will be punished under neglect of comrades, though greater exchange.  
  • If a member of crew notices a act of self harm, though abuse to ones self, excessive training, or otherwise, all concerns to be brought to captain.  

Safety and Environment

  • Once crew, all bounty and crime against an individual is passed to the ships captain until contract terminates.
  • If an individual is followed by bounty or any form of danger, they should disclose the information to captain.
  • If crew are to notice suspicious activity amongst other crew then should be reported to Captain.

Health and Well being

  • All crew are requested to fill medical information and allow for injections to fight decease. If denied this will see as neglect and a threat to crews well-being and treated accordingly.
  • Medics hold right to refuse treatment to any crew if seen fit. Refusal of giving this aid should be documented with reasons why and reported to captain.
  • If wounded during training/spar then medic staff hold right to decline treatments due to fault of ones self.
  • If wounded, it is crew responsibility to receive medical attention. If not seen immediately they're liable to no treatment.
  • When wounded, medics will treat in order of rank unless instructed otherwise by captain.

Travel and Aid

  • If you have any questions or requests involving location, report to Navigating officer and/or captain.
  • Once dock, crew to wait captains command to board land.
  • It is crews responsibility to care for ones self when on land. The ship will function for food and bunks when docked but will not operate.
  • When on land, crew are to respect the culture and law of the docked land. Crew are not to abuse the land unless instructed by captain.
  • Crew are not to harm or kill a civilian, unless instructed by captain.


  • Crew have access to open bar at all times. Bar is free on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7pm - 1pm. Though alcoholic beverages must be payed for by crews hand out side of this period.
  • When not on shift, crew have right to spend time doing as they desire whist keeping safety of others.
  • No person to have a game of cards or dice for money or gold. Gambling is NOT permitted.
  • No person to decline a drink with captain.

Septimo Protocols

I. Stranger to Guest PROTOCOL

Those who are not crew, even if voiced acquaintance, should be treated as a stranger. Ranking crew are to alert and accompany the interrogator on shift to welcome strangers as follows. All strangers hold the right of Parlay - This includes verbal request and interest to skip to crew.

  • I.I Strangers are to be informed no harm will come to them if they comply.
  • I.II Strangers to be requested to remove any inventory.
  • I.III Strangers to be interrogated in a closed environment away from others, a small room is set up to provide a less intimidating environment. Interrogation to be held by interrogator on shift/on call (NPC if needed) and ranked crew responsible for first discovering stranger. Respect should be given at all times to strangers. Stranger to be informed that any false information will be classed as negligence [Questions asked -Name- -How did stranger arrive- -Why is stranger here- -Is stranger magic user-]
  • I.IV Stranger to be released from interrogation room as soon as questions are answered unless ranking crew hold concern.
  • I.V One ranking member to request Captain or Co-Captain's presence ONLY if individual is deemed suspicious, or it has been requested as parlay.
  • I.VI Once cleared, Information on interrogation to be documented though text on paper, and stored in safe located within the room. Only Interrogator and Captain to know code to safe. Stranger deemed 'GUEST' until captain approaches stranger. Strangers skills or possible workload on ship should not be mentioned by ranking crew.
  • I.VII Any basic need requested by stranger to be honoured unless stranger does not comply. Stranger is welcome to food, water, blankets, clothes and medical care whilst in closed environment. This request should come before point I.III should stranger comply.
  • I.VIII Once GUEST, stranger is to receive tour of the ships communal areas. Ships origins, connections and information of crew should be kept confidential. GUEST should be diverted away from engine room, infirmary or Captains cabins.

II. Guest to Crew PROTOCOL

  • II.I After Captain is informed about GUEST, Captain or Co-Captain can offer a position of UNRANKED position to GUEST. This will take 3 days maximum.
  • II.II GUEST may NOT pay for travel. Guest are entitled to stay on free, and use the service of the safe house until dock. When docked, captain will relocate GUEST to a on-land location.
  • II.III GUEST to inform Captain/Co-Captain of skill set and hobby's. GUEST may be requested to demonstrate skill set. If GUEST has no skill set, work to be found in cleaning, cooking and labour. They can later study and become apprentices of head positions to rank up.
  • II.IV Though stay, Unranked crew can earn way up the ranks as discussed and arranged with Captain.

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