Moderators are the room's police force! These select people are people who have shown reason to hold a leading role. They assure roleplay is not neglected and that all roleplayers, new or old, are comfortable in the setting. People with the IMVU moderator title should be kind and understanding towards all players. If you feel the moderators do not treat others how another should be treated, bring it to the leader of the roleplay.

Septimo Moderators

Username Moderator OOC Moderator Sideroom Owner Septimo Room Owner
IvoryAequitas/EbonyAequitas X X X X
RebellionAequitas X X X
PhyrexianAequitas/SahbaAntar X X X
KaliAequitas X X
MarnixAequitas X
Unleix X
Cymedr X
Vesperism X

Things to consider...

  • Culture and Nationalities: Different cultures and where a person lives can contribute to how they type. If English is not a person's first language, they may struggle with wording and communication.
  • Offline Issues: As much as we wish it wouldn't happen, there is times when a person takes offline situations out on those online, and on the roleplay. Please consider this as a possibility, especially if its out of character for the person. If you fear this is a issue, please approach them and kindly ask them to take a break. Ask them if anything is wrong and if we can be of any help to them.
  • Mental and Physical illness: So many people roleplay to escape the real world. Many do this due to health issues offline. If someone is suffering, they shouldn't suffer in silence. However people should NOT use this as a excuse to be a twit or demand special attention. Everyone is treated equally.
  • Offline Personalities: Everyone is a human being behind a screen with feelings.

The role of a Moderator...

Moderators need to ensure the peace and the content off the room. They need to recognise behaviours in players that may violate the Players Guide's and ensure roleplay is flowing in the roleplay rooms, with OOC being kept minimal and diverted to the OOC chats available.

Moderators should approach Room-owner if they recognise abuse of the guides, or if another person brings complaints to them. Moderators should know they are available to manage the room, and not used to whine and rant too unless they give the okay - If information is not relayed to room-owner, they cannot make use of it. Abusing Moderators as a counsellor causes stress on them and the moderator needs to request information and complaints are brought to the room owner.

Moderators should not...

  • Treat people with bias opinions.
  • Be rude or disrespectful.
  • Deal with complaints or concerns - Tell individual it needs to be taken to room-owner.
  • Tell people to edit or delete information from any wikia page, if concerned about wikia content, room-owner to be approached.

Things to recognise...

Heightened Sexual Content: If you find yourself, or witness another in a situation where you feel sexually pressured, or attacked in an inappropriate manor, sexual or otherwise, in or out of character, and you/others are uncomfortable, please approach the situation maturely and/or report to the room owner or any available moderators.

Personal Story Isolation: If you witness this type of isolation of a player separating themselves from main story, please approach them in whisper or PC FIRST. Do not be rude or abrupt towards the person as they may be from a storyline before this room where there is little storyline to develop character (AKA 99.9% of Kingdoms and Taverns). Offer them advice and guidance. If this becomes a common occurrence, approach the room owner. People normally pull themself away from development and romance, this is welcomed to be roleplayed out of the main room, however the main room of Septimo should be used as a group roleplay