Character (Username)

N/A Captain Captain Matthew Edwards (IvoryAequitas)
Co-Captain *
S-Rank First Mate Quatermaster *
Lead Positions Head Engineer Xavier Descartes (RebellionAequitas)
Head Medic Venus Everett (RebellionAequitas)
Head Guard Sapphire Gentle (SapphireAequitas)
Head Financer/Treasurer Weston Beauregard (Vesperism)
Head of Trade & Stock
Head Tactician
Master Gunner Alexander Gale (TheLostAequitas)
Officer Positions Navigating Officer
Health and Safety Officer
A-Rank Advisers Captains Adviser
Crews Adviser Thomasin Aestina (KaliAequitas)
Personal Medics Captains Medic
Financers *
Elite Positions (Guard) *
Elite Positions (Engineer) *
Elite Positions (Medic) Elite Surgeon Diana Viccars (IvoryAequitas)
B-Rank Advanced Positions (Guard) *
Advanced Positions (Engineer) *
Advanced Positions (Medic) *
Scholars * -
C-Rank Guard Position Lookout/Guard Thaclel (PhyrexianAequitas)
Engineer Positions Engineer Brycer Leaos (DandyWarhols)
Medic Positions *
Battle and Trade Positions Tactician Aleksander Khaliqe (IvoryAequitas)
Negotiator/Spy Micah Varian (Cymedr)
Entertainment Barkeeper Planke (DrunkenAequitas)
Bar Assistant Manion (Mana) Fiant
Bard Imra Keove (Unileix)
D-Rank Guard Positions Look-Out Topaz Regemizala (IvoryAequitas)
Engineer Positions Engineer Fidget (NeckedAequitas)
Engineer Gwyn Kitty (CeriAequitas)
Medic Positions *
Battle and Trade Positions *
Entertainment Librarian Olive Vitali (KaliAequitas)
Librarian K'neh (PhyrexianAequitas)
Scribe Maybel Khaliqe (IvoryAequitas)
E-Rank Able Guard Positions Able Guard Putere (WitchingDeAequitas)
Able Engineer Positions Able Engineer Sott (PhyrexianAequitas)
Able Medic Positions Able Medic (Assistant) Rava Viccars (NeckedAequitas)
Able Medic Voi (WitchingDeAequitas)
Battle and Trade Positions *
Entertainment *
Able Crewmen *
U-Rank Able Crewmen Labor Xyn (CinisAequitas
Labor Prem (PhyrexianAequitas)

.(* = No playable OC's in role.)

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