Character (Username)

N/A Captain Captain Jacob Jenkinson (IvoryAequitas)
Co-Captain Co-Captain *
S-Rank First Mate Quatermaster Matthew Edwards (IvoryAequitas)
Lead Positions Head Engineer Xavier Descartes (RebellionAequitas)
Head Medic *
Head Guard *
Head Financer/Treasurer *
Head of Trade & Stock *
Head Tactician *
Master Gunner Alexander Gale (TheLostAequitas)
Officer Positions Navigating Officer Abel Baudouin (RebellionAequitas)
Captains Advisor *
Health and Safety Officer *
A-Rank Personal Medics Captains Medic *
Financers * *
Scholars * *
Elite Positions (Guard) Interogator Thomasin Aestina (KaliAequitas)
Elite Positions (Engineer) * *
Elite Positions (Medic) Elite Surgeon Diana Viccars (IvoryAequitas)
B-Rank Advanced Positions (Guard) Lookout Fumaii Baudouin (IvoryAequitas)
Guard Gwaine Lionheart (RebellionAequitas)
Advanced Positions (Engineer) * *
Advanced Positions (Medic) * *
Scholars * *
C-Rank Guard Position Lookout/Guard Thaclel (PhyrexianAequitas)
Engineer Positions * *
Medic Positions * *
Battle and Trade Positions Tactician Aleksander Khaliqe (IvoryAequitas)
Entertainment Barkeeper Planke (DrunkenAequitas)
Bard Imra Keove (Unileix)
Crewmen Cook Micah Varian (Cymedr)
D-Rank Guard Positions Look-Out Topaz Regemizala (IvoryAequitas)
Engineer Positions * *
Medic Positions * *
Battle and Trade Positions * *
Entertainment Librarian Olive Vitali (KaliAequitas)
Librarian K'neh (PhyrexianAequitas)
E-Rank Able Guard Positions Able Guard
Able Engineer Positions Able Engineer Sott (PhyrexianAequitas)
Able Medic Positions *
Battle and Trade Positions *
Entertainment *
Able Crewmen Labor Bambi
U-Rank Able Crewmen Labor

.(* = No playable OC's in role.)

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