The rules are in place to ensure everyone who enters the role play are entitled to have a fun and enjoyable role-play session. Please take it upon yourself to read this page.

Character Creation

  • Overpowered or Godlike characters are not allowed. No Meta-gaming, godmodding blahblahblah...~ (Remember, Your idea of over powered may not match the rooms idea of overpowered. Any being that appears invincible, extremely polished or incredibly inhumane my be questioned. This is due to the room hosting quests, missions and battles that involve group play. All should be on par with each other.)
  • Original characters (OC's) ONLY
  • The following abilities are not allowed in Morpheus:The Ship.
    • Auto-Healing (Of yourself or others)
    • Auto-Regeneration
    • Mental abilities such as: Mind-control/transfer, body-manipulation, possessing, etc.
    • Mind reading.
    • Time Manipulation
    • Absorbing ones soul or magic without consequence or redirection.
    • Invincibility

Out-Of-Character convosation, OOC.

  • We have a OOC room. Please keep OOC in The ship to minimal. Provide to use OOC UNLESS using IMVU mobile.
  • Welcoming/Entering. Please be respectful to others when they enter the room. If your friends enter the room, please keep 'banter' or 'playful abuse' to yourself and greet in a charming brief manor. Use the OOC room to catch up, joke and hold conversations about how ones day has been.

Fighting and Sparing

  • eh


  • We welcome active parking, by this, if you are at your keyboard with writers block or not wishing to rp, you are welcome to park and read the roleplay.
  • HOWEVER You may be booted if you are Away from keyboard (AFK) for long periods. If you are AFK or BRB for a short period please let others know if you can.
  • If you are parking, and the room reaches 8-9 people, you may be asked to leave.
  • NO OOC comments when Parking. - Use OOC room available for this.

Storyline Progression

  • Anyone is entitled to progress story line and character development, however it must be open to every member of the roleplay.
  • If you wish for 1v1 or a small group RP, please keep this in personal chat.

Mature Content

  • Gore -
  • Sexual content

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