This is our warning system page. If you have been linked here. Its because you either have breached the guide to the room or ignored prompts and advice given by the moderator team.

Morpheus has a strict no dickhead policy.

Please refrain from being a dickhead

If you are a dickhead, our moderators will treat you like dickheads :D

Warning System

  1. You will receive a link to this page by a moderator or room owner. Any questions, you are welcome to ask. This will be sent to you via PC, Inbox or Whisper
  2. You will receive a warning via PC or Whisper.
  3. Depending on the how you react and treat the players and the roleplay, depends on how many warnings you receive. If you are arrogant and violent you may be booted on first warning! More infomation can be found below.
  4. You may be advised to leave due to past warnings with yourself. This will be a friendly reminder.
  5. If we feel you do not understand or respect the warnings offered to you you will be booted and blocked, sometimes without reason as you would have received previous warnings already explaining why.
  6. There has been times when we have welcomed people back after they have left. So this is not ruled out as a possibility.

Reason for Warning

Neglecting Players Rights

To read the Players Rights, Please follow this link. These are the rights that every roleplay who enters the room is entitled too. If a person acts in a way, that is against these rights of another, they will be approached and given a warning. Depending on the severity of the neglect to these rights, can lead to a short-term or long-term ban.

Heightened Mature Content

This is NOT an AP room, therefore no mature content is accepted in the roleplay, or in out of character. Playful humor and occasional comments are okay, but making it a common occurrence is not!. Inappropriate advances OOC, no matter if seen as humor, is again not acceptable. Finally, Sexual advancements in character are okay, however being persistent in character towards another is not okay

Being Aggressive

Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you show multiple occurrences of rudeness and anger in out-of-character conversation, you may receive a warning. If you are incredibly abusive of another upon your entry or in a OOC convostion, you will be booted without warning.

Ignoring Players/Storyline for Personal Plot Preference

As mentioned in the New Players Guide, this is adventure roleplay that encourages group roleplay. Roleplay that only benefits you personally, is not welcome in the main room. Side roleplays, personal roleplays, private chats etc, are all welcome for your own personal character development that does not require the help and aid from the Septimo group. In the past this has become most popular with sexual and romantic story lines. Even though these are accepted in the roleplay, they should not dominate the roleplay in a way that separates you from the rest of the group.


Moderator Username

(And Alt accounts)


Moderator Username

(And Alt accounts)


IvoryAequitas, EbonyAequitas,

TheSlyAequitas, HajishaAequitas

07/05/2016 RebellionAequitas, YamatoAequitas 07/05/2016
SapphireAequitas 07/05/2016 Drunkenaequitas 07/5/2016
SahbaAntar, YogSothoth,

PhyrexianAequitas, Shoggoth

7/05/2016 TheLostAequitas 07/05/2016
Amaritude 08/03/2017 EclipticAequitas 06/02/2016
AlphaAequitas 03/06/2016 Vesperism 14/05/17
CeriAequitas 8/11/2016

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