Seth is a character from (INSERT ROLE PLAY ROOM)

Seth is a Crystal Parasite of indeterminable age. They use male pronouns.

Seth came into the Rp in Greiza, Following Xyn to town. Xyn had told him about the ship and he showed interest.


When you first meet them

Seth is rather friendly to strangers and always genuinely excited to meet new people. he seems very naive and childish.

To others they like/dislike

Seth, if he truely dislikes you, will make it known. He tends to be harsh, sarcastic and occasionally violent tward people he doesnt like.

Expect mean spirited pranks and outright atempts at bodily harm.


Seth beleives, among other things, that the Universe is an anomaly and statisticaly should not exsist.


Seths hobbies include not stalking Nexyra, fixing small machines and constructing elaborate mechanical structures to do things for him.

he hoards clocks.


(Colours, food, locations etc.)


Seth is very touch sensitive, bordering into Haphephobia.

He also has a sort of complex over trying to do nice things for people, even if you dont want him to.

Pain threshold

his host is near indistructable, however the squishy squiddle that is him is very soft.


Dispite seeming near invincible physically, Seth is very emotionally fragile.

the strangest things can send him into manic or depressive fits, even in the middle of previously normal/abnormal situations.

He is also very emotionaly dependant on others, becomeing clingy tward people who are kind to him.



This is compulsory Physical (biological) appearance such as hair and eye color, body length and weight, other measurements, scars, abnormalities etc.


Second Form

a fat little squid critter


Seth likes to keep covered, usualy with a scarf and hood as he is mildly light sensitive


people: kinda naisaly and anoying. very nerdy.

Squid: unholy balloon screeching of the damned and not much else

Medical History

Seth is nearsighted, thus he wears glasses.


COMPULSORY IF FIGHTER (Basic combat skills can also be added) Any skills useful for combat: hand to hand, armed (both long and short range), magical. What also belongs here. Remember to make this balanced and relevant to your characters age, race and limitations.

Inhuman Advancement (DELETE IF NOT APPLICABLE)

Can they run/jump/swim better than the common human? - Keep this realistic to laws of science.


Compulsory if weapon user: Fill in detail the weapons they carry. Do they have magical qualities? How did they obtain the item? Are they skilled in using it? What weaknesses does that particular weapon have?


Sublimation / Desublimation, Atomization

both require being in contact with the item/items he wishes, this can be acomplished via 'chain'

ex.: if he is touching Xyn, who is touching the person/object he wants to mess with. This is terribly finicky and cause harm to everything involved.

Other Skills


Seth is an avid reader and often will sit in on lectures and educational speeches, but doesn't seem to have had formal education.


he can speak and read Albanian and basic Phyrexian words and a few phrases.

he knows basics of many languages due to his travels, but by no means is fluent

Medical Knowledge

He can set broken bones and has an understanding of the biology of many creatures.

Engineer Knowledge

Seth is talented with small and delicate machines, such as watches.

he has the capability to work on larger scale, but prefers to put his talent to use on the smaller machines.

Science Knowledge

Seth is quite talented in chemistry, biology and physics

He never really uses this information on a large scale and prefers to keep it to himself.


Seth can knit, sew and repair clothing.

What roleplay room do they major in? This is compulsory - but can be given in brief detail. Is there any possible Roleplay room crossover? Is this character made only for Morpheus?


What is there job in the role play? Do they enjoy this?

Living area

Seth is currently staying with Grey and Gumdrop


Seth has a bag that contains knitting needles and a whole lot of yarn, tools for large and small machines, and a multitude of tiny machine parts.

occasionaly he buys broken clocks and pocket watches to fix or dismantle.



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Home Town

Lindow aria


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Do they have any notable fiends?

Notable others

Nexyra, the poor phyrexian hes got a weird crush on


Write a short description about who is the role-player and how the character came to be?

Approval given

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