Morpheus does not have a heaven or hell, instead it has a realm that has many names, yet the most simple is 'The Spirit Realm'. The realm itself is a mutated and abstract view on the world of Morpheus. When a person dies, they linger here and wait for reincarnation. That is unless a reaper or a banshee finds the lingering spirit first. The realm is said to be haunted by Nusikatteliu, the god of death, yet is also told to be protected by Arivu, the god of judgement. The two gods said to work together to provide a equal result of the dead.

Spirits and Souls

The realm holds the completely same layout as the mortal world. Caoul in this world are replaces with black shadowed figures and Maori is seen as a black figure that illuminates a purple aura. When a being is near death, the soul of the person detached from the shadow, hovering above there being. For undead summons the soul is detached yet projected by the purple Maori aura. Only few can enter this realm if not seen as dead, and less remember the realm. Any damage done in the spirit realm to buildings and land is transferred to the real world with equal or heightened damage.

Uncharted Land

Uncharted land is a gateway to the spirit realm and is easily accessible at certain points of the map. It is areas that is said not t be upon the common map of Morpheus, filled with mutated monsters and hazards of danger, only the greatest are said to survive. Travelling through this land opens a new perspective on the world, opening a persons eye to treasures and adventures beyond mortal imagination.

Notable Races & Class


  • Reaper
  • Banshee
  • Spirit
  • Ghost
  • Whisps


  • Necromancer
  • Clairvoyant

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