Sweetpea is a character from the Lindow islands


Sweets is often, as the nickname suggests, sweet and childish. They're stubborn, cheeky and spoiled. On top of that, he is a hypocrite.

They're the princess and everyone is gonna know it.

When you first meet them

Sweets is friendly enough to strangers, as long as the stranger remains polite.

To others they like/dislike

If sweets likes you, you're golden. they're very protective of friends.

if sweets hates you, you'll know it. they'll often go out of their way to ruin lives.


He's the princess. Everyone needs to be nice to him. Be his friend or else.


He likes being cute.


Cute things, sweet things, Cherry, crossdressing, his friends. Dislikes Authority figures and being told what to do. Dislikes swearing, does not tolerate people being rude.


Being deserted by friends. Doesn't fear much, but it is not to be mistaken for brave, he has no sense of self preservation. His ego could be his downfall.

Pain threshold

Quite high.



149cm tall with a slim, childish figure. Has curly pink hair and pink eyes with pale, rosy coloured skin. His skin is occasionally dotted with freckles and he has a mystery tattoo that noone can (or is allowed to) see. Has pink, finely manicured claws, easily mistaken for normal fingernails.

Second Form

Very jagged, stabby, pokey, nopey pink skeleton.


PANK. Occasionally black. He changes often. Styles vary..


Childish voice, tilts toward feminine, but only slightly and potentially faked. Very whiny sounding.

Medical History

Was broken by a rock golem.


Meele, usually by flailing.

Inhuman Advancement

Extremely strong can lift 50x his own body weight. (1247kg)


A pair of spiked brass knuckles.


Can make basic potions with instructions, Alchemy.

Other Skills


Basic schooling.

Medical Knowledge

Basic painkillers/herbs for painkilling and antiseptics.


Basic first aid, can sew, extensive knowledge of fashion trends.

Roleplay Setting

Lindow room, possibly may appear in other rooms, was thrown off the ship.


Pain in the butt.

Living area

Currently at the bottom of the crystal lake, lives on the crystal island.


Has a bag of holding full of junk and cats.



  • He was infected and became crystal.
  • He was fabulous for many years.
  • He met red and then was introduced to cherry.
  • Stuff happened, he adopted them both.
  • Helped red and cherry get to Medela, left with promise to come back.
  • Took the wrong ship and ended up in Albion, where he found the Septimo.

Home Town

Crystal island.

First Appearance

Attached to Murdrac's butt. Got on the ship, released a lot of cats by mistake.


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He boarded the ship, he was annoying,he almost burned up the kitchen, he got hurt, he got kicked off.



Other crystals, red, cherry.

Idol/Role model




Approval given

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