Terraphy is a mortal/immortal species on the Earth. Write the main characteristics that make the species stand out from the rest of 'em.


Any physical traits worth mentioning: both visible (pointed ears, tails, ...) and invisible (enhanced strength, internal anatomy, ...).

Life cycle

Description of the life of an individual of this species, with notable events: e.g. if there is usually a childhood or coming of age ceremony, marriage customs, retirement or old age feasts, burials, ...

Notable Classes

What classes are commonly found amongst this race?List of classes


If there are any subspecies, add a section for each of them.


Separate section for hybrids: ideally, hybrids would have both strengths and weaknesses from both (or all) the species they originate from. Add some pointers here; no strict rules because each hybrid will probably have different genetics.


Remove this section if not applicable. If applicable:

  • is the entire species magic user or only parts?
  • what types of magic are there?
  • how does the magic work? (recharging, what's the power source, ...)

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