Xyn is a character from Septimo.

Xyn is a starfish who has an age, and actually Xyn has no gender. He appeared on a shipwreck one day with another, and boarded the ship that way.


Xyn is extremely laid back, extremely friendly. Everybody is his frand. Everybody is his homeslice breadslice dawg.

When you first meet them

Extremely friendly to strangers, though the first impression he gives to others is 'what the heck is wrong with you'

To others they like/dislike

Up the arses of the people he likes, very talkative. In-fact talking is his special talent. He does not seem to dislike anyone.


He believes that drugs are bad. Does not seem to believe in gods, no matter what proof if given.


Murder? Talking. Lazing around on the deck, possibly in the way. Is he a cat?


Talking, dislikes not talking. Bright colours, friends, fruit juice.


Current host is a rainbow obsidian, a crystal that is easily shattered. Fears death. Afraid of the crystals leader. Drugs.

Outside of a host or water is extremely uncomfortable.

Pain threshold

Rather low. However high when it comes to damaging his host.





The illusions he has, the colours depends on his hosts.

Current host is multicoloured and bright. Rainbow hair, pale rainbow eyes with a white center, pale skin.

Second Form

Gelatinus grey Starfeesh with a single eye. 8cm long. Can stretch or contract smaller or bigger.


Two pairs of sunglasses, neon coloured clothing, shoes with built in wheels that pop out if he taps his heels.


"Yolo, 360 no-scope MLG pro dawg swag yeaa"

Medical History

Broke a leg when he decided to hang off the ship and got bitten by a sea monster.


Pretty good with hand to hand combat and short, bladed weapons. Can sneak.

Inhuman Advancement

Potentially faster when it comes to running and speed. Definitely faster in water. Advancements from host: Fireproof, unless at lava levels of hot, then he melt.


Host has sharp dark, and colourful thorns sticking from his forarms. Can break if struck right. or may be broken off inside someone.


Basic knowledge of illusion spells.

Other Skills


Can read.

Got his basic illusion spell knowledge after being an exhibit in the Lindow college. Didn't learn much else.

Basic human anatomy.


Speaks 'Xynese' and the tiny screeches of the starfish. Also speaks minimal Phyrexian.


Really good at Volleyball. Very good at planning ahead.

Roleplay Setting

Mainly in the Ship room except when docked.


Matthews bitch,No he does not enjoy that. Happens to do other stuff for other people. But doesn't necessarily extend to the ship....yet.

Living area

He sleeps places. Like the ferris wheel.


Chunks of Tahoma. Random shells from the ocean. Several pairs of sunglasses. Necklace bearing the Phyrexian symbol.



He was born, he grew up, he an asshole now. He ate some crystals. He stole a crystal body. Boarded a ship to travel to Albion. After finding out that the ship went against a group he is allied with he sabotaged it with the intent to leave crew for dead. But the Septimo just happened by~

Home "Town"

Lindows forests.

First Appearance

What happened when they first joined the RP? He got on Thomasins nerves. Couldnt be understood. Let himself out of the cells because he kept a pen by accident and felt bad. You know, stuff.


📖 Homeslice, breadslice dawg.






Notable others

Mazeril (ally), Zack (Enemy), Prem (friend)

Idol/Role model

This strange bizzare concept and series of patters that appears in his mind when he shuts his eyes.He calls it '90s' with its figurehead 'Nicolo Dien' He idolizes this.


An asshole made by an asshole.

Approval given

A small section ONLY FOR THE ROOM OWNER to verify the profile above follows the Morpheus lore.

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